Christian’s Surprise

All of these characters belong to ELJames with the exception of the ones that I introduce. The ideas for the blogs that I write are strictly mine and are subjected to copy write laws. Enjoy reading more about the Grey’s.

I’m sitting at my desk at work, deep in thought when all of a sudden I hear all of this commotion outside of my door, followed by cheering, whopping and clapping and then suddenly, my door opens without a knock and in storms Ros, Andrea, Welch and three or four others from my land development contingent, giving poor Taylor a near coronary.

Ros is jumping up and down and yelling at the top of her lungs, “they did it, they actually did it.”, she screams with tears running down her face. Taylor looks at me and I look at him, both of us looking like, “They did what? And who did it? Ros, will you please calm yourself down and tell me who in the hell did what? You about gave both Taylor and me a damn heart attack. Talk, woman!”

“Give me a second, Christian”, she says between sobs. I ask Taylor to get her a glass of water which he does. She waves it away and then starts to talk in a very excited and very fast monologue, so much so that I can barely understand what she is saying. Ros, who is always the epitome of cool, calm and laid back, has had a complete meltdown.

Finally, what I got out of her before she broke down in uncontrollable sobs again, was that the government had approved the sale of any of their excess land that I wanted to purchase to build a facility for the housing of homeless families. It would also house single individuals including veterans. In addition, it will be a training facility as well as a provider of medical needs.

They need me in Washington DC as soon as I can arrange it. I am speechless. I mean absolutely speechless. I tell Andrea to call the DC office to see if we could come tomorrow and if so, make arraignments for GEH’s jet to be ready at 7 in the morning. We are going to Washington DC. We will be returning late tomorrow night and she should re-schedule all appointments. She turns and proceeds to do what I have asked. “Ros, are you going to be in a position to go with me or am I going to have to drag Taylor kicking and screaming?” “Are you kidding me?” Ros asks in a shocked tone. “Do you really think that I would let you leave me here?” Who the hell do I think I’m kidding as I smile to myself

“Sir”, Taylor says. ” I will make arraignments for a vehicle to be ready for US when WE land. Sir!” I look at Taylor and he is almost glaring at me. “Taylor, you really don’t have to go. You can have this time for you and Gail to finish making plans for your wedding.” Taylor looks at me impassively and says in his ‘I have spoken voice’. “Mr. Grey, Sir. Gail, your wife, your mother and Ms. Mia, have completely taken this out of my hands. I will be traveling with you, sir. Please excuse me while I make the vehicle arrangements. Sir” I look at Welch and it is all he can do to keep from laughing out loud. I am really going to have to talk to Taylor to remind him that I am his employer and his boss, not the other way around. Welch and I can’t contain ourselves any longer and as soon as Taylor closes the door, we both break out in laughter. “I look at Welch and say in a resigned tone, “Well, I guess he told me!” Welch breaks out in another fit of laughter as he exits from my office. I call Ana and tell her what has transpired and she is so happy that I can hear her catch her breath in a sob. “Please let Gail know. Thanks, baby. I love you. We will be leaving early tomorrow morning and we will be back later on tomorrow night. Don’t go anywhere without Sawyer”. “Don’t worry, Christian. I’m not going anywhere but straight home from work. I love you, too.” Yea right, I think. Where have I heard that song and dance before? “Okay, I will see you later at supper.

When we get to Washington DC, we have our meeting with the Dept of Land Development and are informed as to how this process is going to work. “Due to the amount of funds that your company is willing to invest”, Mr. Hawthorn says, the government is willing to sell you this property for a $1.00 an acre, just so that it won’t go to waste AND for the reason that you are buying it. “By the way, Mr. Grey, I love the name of this project. Coping Together. It sure fits the bill doesn’t it?” I tell him that “this is the brain child of my mother and father. One more thing, Mr. Hawthorn, my name is not to be mentioned to the press in any of this. “I don’t know if I can do that, Mr. Grey. There are certain rules that we must follow when something like this happens. I can promise you this, though…we will not let the press know directly but it will be a matter of public record. We shake hands and Taylor, Ros and I head out. I am so happy that I feel that I am going to be able to fly home without the aid of the jet. When we get back into our rented vehicle to head to the airport, Ros lets out a war hoop that scares the living bejeebers out of Taylor so bad that he almost loses control and runs up on a curb. “Ros”, Taylor and I yell at the same time. Taylor continues in a shaky voice, “You almost got us fuckin’ killed. Don’t do that shit again.” Ros has started her uncontrollable sobs all over. I know how she feels because I, too, want to sob. No more homeless and starving souls in America…next, the world. It is going to happen. It really is.

Taylor, Ros and I fly home in silence with the exception of an occasional sob from Ros. What a staff I have been blessed to have. Here is Ros, my employee who is as elated about this discovery as I am. What on earth have I done to deserve this type of loyalty?

About a month after our trip to DC

Ana and I decided last night that we would sleep in since we’ve had such an active night…a fun filled night, I might add. Around 2:30 a.m., my darling wife decided that she wanted to hear me play a “concert” for her on my Steinway. I can’t even begin to think about what might be going through that beautiful head of hers. I made a commitment that I would do anything to keep this lovely creature of mine happy. She has been really requesting some weird things since she has been with child but even though I had been asleep for only about 3 hours, I drag myself out of bed, waited until she came out of the bathroom, and that is another thing. Poor thing, she can’t even get through the night without having to relieve herself. She has even cut down on her liquids in the evening. (Advice from Mrs. Jones, soon, very soon to be Mrs. Taylor).

As she wobbles out into the bedroom, rubbing her eyes, she asks me if I am ready. What I am ready to do is to go back to bed. “Yes baby,” I say as I reach for her hand. As we are walking into the great room, I ask her, “Is there anything in particular that Mrs. Grey, full of my child, would like to hear?” “Not really”, she yawns out. “I just want to hear you play while I watch you. Christian, you are such a beautiful sight when you play. It is like you go into another world and the sight of you is just mesmerizing. I could watch you all night.” “Anything for the mother of my child,” I say as I sit her on couch and put her feet up, making sure that she is comfortable. As I sit at the piano, I start playing “The Lost Chord” followed by Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68 (Pastorale). As I begin to play this magnificent piece, I am soon caught up in it and I feel as though I am accompanying the Vienna State Opera Orchestra. I feel my body swaying to the melodious sounds that my beautiful instrument is spittng out. After about 30 minutes of continuous playing, I finish with a flourish and immediately start playing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus. When I finish, all I could do was to drop my head to regroup. When I turned and looked at Ana, she was out like a light. Oh, well….so much with her being “mesmerized by this beautiful sight”. Well at least I enjoyed myself and now I am really ready to go to sleep. I smile and kiss my angel on her head as I lift her up gently and take her back to our bed. She opens her eyes, smiles at me and says, “Thanks, Christian. That was wonderful.” I thought to myself, “Oh really? What part did you like?” I just kissed her again, smiled and said, you’re welcome, baby. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Go back to sleep.” I crawl in with her and hold her to my chest, close to my heart and think how blest I have been.

We are startled awake by a knock on the door. Not so quietly, I yell, “Taylor, is that you?” “Yes sir, it is. I’m sorry to bother you but you have a call on the “red line” (which is only used for emergencies). “It better be telling me that the damn building is on fire. What the hell time is it anyway?” “It is 9:30, sir” “Tell whoever the hell it is, that I will call them back.” “Sir, Welch is waiting to patch the call through to you now, sir.” “I don’t give a damn if it’s the President of the United States, tell whoever it is that I will call them back!” “It is, sir.” “It is what, Taylor?, I yell. “The President of the United States, sir.” At this declaration, Ana bolts straight up with her eyes glued on me with her mouth open. “WHAT?”, I ask. Taylor repeats himself and I bolt out of bed and make a beeline to open the door. “Did I hear you say “the President of the United States?” “Yes, sir” as he hands me the portable red phone from my wall. (We placed it on the wall in the event that an emergency arose, I would have to get out of bed and be fully awake when I answer.

“Welsh is waiting to patch him through.” “What the hell”, I say as I reach for the phone. “Welch, patch him through.” As soon as I hear the click indicating that the call is connected. I say “Good morning, Mr. President. Christian Grey here, sir. What a pleasant surprise. “To what do I owe this honor, sir?” “Good morning, Mr. Grey. Thank you for taking my call. I hope that I didn’t disturb you but I thought you would want to hear about this immediately.” “No sir, you did not disturb me. (Ana claps her hand over her mouth so as not to laugh as Taylor makes a beeline out of our room to keep from snickering). I’m listening, sir.”

“I just received notification that you are being awarded the Pulitzer Prize for your humanitarian efforts in financing the largest facility in the U.S. to house and train the homeless, ever made in the United States. I don’t need to tell you how very proud we are of you. You bring honor to your country, Mr. Grey.” “Thank you, Mr. President. I am truly honored. There is just one problem, though. I have made it a rule that benevolences that I perform MUST be kept confidential.” The President laughs and says, “Well, Mr. Grey. Good luck with keeping this quiet. You are going to be known all over the world, if you aren’t already. You will be sent the details from my security office with a copy sent to your head of security…a Mr. Welch, I believe. Will it be okay to send the instructions to your office or would you prefer it to be mailed to your home?” My office will be fine, Mr. President and thank you again.” “We are the ones who are thanking you, Mr. Grey. You have made it possible to provide for hundreds of starving, homeless people. For that, your country will always be grateful and if you don’t mind, I would like to escort you and whomever you would like to take, on Air Force 1 to the luncheon in May on the campus of Columbia University in New York. You will not have to worry about security. We will have plenty of the secret service with us.” We will make arraignments to pick you up at Sea-tac in Seattle .

Thank you, Mr. President. I humbly accept your invitation. I will be honored.” “Great, here is my personal number. Please call me so that we can make arraignments as the time gets closer. You have a great day, Mr. Grey and again, congratulations.” “Thank you, Mr. President. Good day, sir.”

I explain to Ana what is going on and on que, she starts crying. I yell for Taylor and get my parents on the phone and explain everything to them. Mom starts crying, as usual and dad chokes back a sob. I ask them to tell my brother and sister the news. I then tell Taylor that we won’t be going to work for another hour. “Sir, I will tell Gail.” “Thanks, Taylor.”

Ana asks me to come back to bed for a few minutes as she wants to give me a proper “congratulations.” Oh boy…looks like I’m in for a dish of vanilla for breakfast. I have really come to love plain old vanilla.

Christian’s reunion of sorts Part 2

 All of these characters belong to ELJames. I have borrowed them for the purpose of carrying on the saga of Christian and Ana and the rest of the clan who we have fallen so in love with,however, the ideas and the introduction of the new individuals are strictly mine and are subjected to copywrite laws. Enjoy!


 As we get closer to the action, I begin to get a funny feeling on the back of my neck. I have been hanging around Taylor far too much. There seems to be an aire of familiarity to this man they have apprehended. Taylor asks the security detail, “Who the hell is this?” Adam, the largest of the 4 “henchmen”, states that he won’t give his name. He just says that it is important that he speaks with Mr. Grey and nobody is going to make him talk, even if they beat the shit out of him, which I think they were about to do.


I walk closer to this person who reeks of urine and I just can’t seem to take my eyes of off him. My brain starts to research frantically. All of a sudden, like a bolt of lightning from the sky, it hits me. It can’t be. Oh yes it is. I look at Adam and with all the calm that I can muster, I instruct him to uncuff him and release him. Taylor just glares at me and utters  “Sir?” I tell him that it is okay, we can take it from here. I thank the 4 man security detail and tell them that they are free to leave. I tell them that I know this person and Taylor and I “have this”. I thank them for their excellent work and tell them they can expect a bonus for being so on top of things and acting in such a professional manner.


Taylor asks me if I mind telling him what is going on and his words are just barely audible as I am seriously considering asking Taylor for his piece, knowing that I can’t waste this bastard as badly as I want to. The man looks me directly in my eyes and says quietly, “Mr. Grey, I tried to get in touch with you because it was so important that I speak to you.  25 years ago, I was arrested, charged with 2 felonies and sent to prison for running a prostitution ring and holding prostitutes against their will….just as I did you and your mother. While I was incarcerated, I   found the Lord. I now have cancer for which there is no cure. It is just too far advanced. I want to beg your forgiveness for the pain that I inflicted upon you and your mother, Ella. Even though I am begging for your forgiveness, I really don’t expect it. I’m sure, even after all of this time that the pain is still there. While I was in the joint, believe me, I was made to pay dearly for all of the pain that I caused Ella, you and all of the other women and their children. The inmates treated me as their whore and they had their way with me. Thank God that I only have to live with that nightmare for about 6 more months, unlike you who will have to endure your pain for a lifetime. Mr. Grey, I am sorry. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry.” I did some investigating and found out that Ella was buried here in Seattle. I just felt that even though she couldn’t hear me, I just had to try to make my peace with her although it was really me trying to make amends within me so that I could die in peace. When I saw the huge angel protecting her and she with her arms around you doing the same, I just knew that I had to find you and at least make the attempt to apologize.


I listened to this sorry bastard and when he finally shut up, I just looked at him and asked more in a statement than a question, “Oh, I’m Mr. Grey now, huh? Not the “little fuckin’ bastard” which was your favorite name for me? Why? Why did you take my mother from me? Why did you torture me? I was just a little kid. What on earth did I ever do to you? You tried to starve me to death and wouldn’t so much as leave us a crust of bread.” I lifted up my sweatshirt, exposing all of the burn scares from so many years ago. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t reduce your 6 month life on this earth to within the next 2 minutes. Do you see what I have to live with for the rest of my life? Look at me, you pathetic bastard. You were the cause of every sleepless night that ended up being damn near every night until just recently.”


 His eyes leave my scars and again, looks at me as the tears start running down his face. His sobs came and I can hear Taylor state emphatically, “I knew it, you sadistic son of a bitch. If Mr. Grey won’t kill your ass, take another breath so I will have reason to.” “Taylor”, I say. “Don’t! He is not worth it.” I look at the pimp and tell him what a pathetic creature he is. “May God have mercy on your soul that is bound to storm the gates of hell.” By this time, I feel the hot, scalding tears make tracks down my face as all of the mistreatment of all of the 4 years of my little life come at me like hell’s hounds out of Hades. Taylor grabs a hold of me as I sink to the ground and the sobs rack my body uncontrollably. There, in the middle of the sidewalk, in one of Seattle’s back streets, are three grown men, two sobbing and Taylor, not even trying to hold back his tears. Taylor is the first one to compose himself and he just holds me until my sobs cease. I hear what sounds like someone praying quietly. I look up and it is the pimp, on his knees, hands clasped together in prayer and looking up to the heaven. The sick bastard is praying. “Let’s go Taylor”. Taylor braces me as I get up and we start to walk away.


The pimp says through his hoarse, cracked voice, “Please, Mr. Grey, wait. I was taught a skill in the joint that they paid me for.” He hands me an envelope and says that he wants to donate what he has saved for the last 25 years to Dr. Grey’s abused children charity, Coping something and I can’t think of the rest of it but you know.”


All I can do is stare at him. Taylor reaches and takes the envelope because I can’t, I just can’t. Taylor asks the pimp where he is staying.  “I will see to it that Dr. Grey gets this and I am sure she will want to send you a thank you”. The pimp says “It is not necessary. My thanks is that she gave Christian all of the love that I couldn’t. I stayed in a drunken and drug induced stupor all of the time and didn’t realize that I was even in this world. That is why I did so many of the horrific things that I did. It’s only $5 thousand dollars but you don’t get paid much in the Michigan St. prison system. Just let her know that it is coming from my heart for the work that she is doing. Hopefully, it will keep another child from going through the torment that I put little Christian through. Christian, if you can ever find it in your heart, please forgive me”, and with that he turns and walks away with his hands stuffed in his pockets and his head down.  


I watch him as he walks away, totally dejected. It is then that I realize that I must forgive him so that I can finally put this last demon to rest and start to heal myself. Yes, I forgive him. I call out to him, “Mr. Daa”, I start to say. “Hey, hold up. What is your name anyway? I never knew you by anything but ‘Mr. Daddy, sir.” The pimp turns around and tells me that his name is Simon Schmidt. “Well go, die in peace, Simon. I forgive you! And thank you for the donation to ‘Coping Together’. I accept this on behalf of my family.”

 The chains are broken and I am finally set free. The last demon from my past is truly put to rest. The pimp mumbles through fresh tears, “Thank you, Mr. Grey, sir. Thank you.”


As I walk away, I feel as though the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders. I turn to Taylor and say, “Wanna race?” and we take off like scalded dogs. I feel like jumping, shouting and taking Ana to bed all at the same time. I also have this tremendous urge to see my mom, dad, brother and sister. I call Andrea and tell her to call the aforementioned family members and tell them that we are having dinner at our place tonight and I will not take no for an answer. I will call Kate and Ethan later. I then tell Andrea that she should go back to sleep and since I woke her so early, she can come in 2 hours later.


As we enter the foyer, I start bellowing for Mrs. Jones. She comes hustling out of the kitchen, thinking something is wrong. “Mr. Grey, what is wrong?” She glances over at Taylor who has his face twisted to keep from laughing out loud. “Will someone please tell me what is wrong?” Ana hears all of the commotion and asks in a not to calm voice, “What is going on out here? Is everything okay?” I grab my wife and swing her around and tell her that everything is just fine and that we are having the family over for dinner tonight.” I turn to Mrs. Jones and ask her if she can cook a big feast by 6 p.m. “My family is coming over and I want all of the stops pulled out. I want the good china and crystal and the silverware with everything set all proper. If you need help, pull someone or two from the church staff who wants to make some extra money. Pay is double. And I would like a crown rib roast.” She looks at me like I have totally lost my mind and then she turns to Ana and gives her a questioning look and all poor Ana can do is shrug her shoulders as if to say in answer to a not asked question, “Hell if I know”.


As our guests are preparing to leave, I say to my family, “Something really strange happened today and it made me realize how much that I love you all so very much. Mom, Dad. I can’t begin to thank you for what you have done for not only me, but for my brother and sister as well. “Taylor, I believe you have something for my dear mother?” Taylor hands mom the envelope that the pimp gave to him. I explain to them what had happened early this morning and as usual, mom starts her happy cry and poor dad is put in the position of comforting her once again, only this time, I get to her before he does and I wrap my arms around her and just hold her while she gets her crying out. Gail comes in and stands by Taylor and she, too, is crying as is Ana and Mia. Dad gathers Ana and Mia and gives them each his one arm bear hug.


After everyone has settled down, we say our good-byes. Taylor heads to his office to make sure everyone gets to their vehicles safely. I tell Ana that I will be right back and I go into Taylor’s office. I call his name and he turns around with a “Sir?”. Thanks Taylor, for just being there for me as you always are. I truly appreciate you! “He responds with a “Just doing my job, sir. Good night”. Did he just dismiss me? I believe he did, the bastard. I should serve him his balls on a silver platter, just to remind him that I am the one who does the dismissing around here. I have to laugh as I make my way back to Ana and lead her into our bedroom.


We chat for a minute or two before we climb into bed. She tells me a joke that she heard at work today and after we both enjoy a good laugh, I say to her, “It’s been a good day, Anastasia.  It’s been a good day. We cuddle with each other and then we say good night the only way we know how.




This is a continuation of J.Harvey Berrick’s books, The Education of Caroline and The Education of Sebestian. I loved them so much that I felt I wanted to take them just a bit further. I borrowed most of the characters from Ms. Harvey Berrick’s novels, however, the idea and the new characters are strickly mine. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Here I present to you, both Caroline’s and Sebestian’s POV.Caroline
As I am preparing to meet with my publisher, I am thinking how far my husband has progressed on his long road to recovery. He has an easier time mellowing out now. Sometimes, I think he mellows out too much. I push the thought of him accepting the offer of hash from his friends, to the far corners of the back of my mind. I think to myself that he would never do that, seeing how the effects of alcohol and Lord knows what all, affected his parents, especially now that we are expecting our first child.

There is no doubt in my mind that Sebastian is going to be the best father ever. His parents taught him how and my talk of my own mother. The true example, however, (whom he did have the opportunity to bond with when he was just 8 years old), would be my loving father. Of course, I think that he has a natural ability as well.

I just wish that he could find something to do that would satisfy the urge in him to be able to contribute to society. I know that he misses the U.S. Marines. Being a marine gave him a sense of accomplishment as well as utilizing his brilliant brain and constantly keeping it active. Maybe, when I think that the time is right, I will broach the subject.

“See you later, tesoro. After my meeting with my publisher, Nicole, Jenna , Alice and I are going to meet for a quick lunch and then to the mall. Jenna is dying to buy a new wardrobe and begged us to come with her.” “Have fun, baby. You deserve some down time and I can’t think of better people to spend it with than the three witches. Just don’t get too tired. Remember, you are now two.” He winks and blows me a kiss. Damn I love that man. I just wish he could do something other than sit and watch the water.

Whew. I didn’t think my beautiful, sexy, sex addicted wife would ever leave. Little does she know that I have a filled afternoon as well. Not 10 minutes after she leaves, does my first appointment show up. Mr. Anderson of Anderson Driving School is here to do a bit of rehab driving training. He knows that I can drive, but as I explained to him, I am not real comfortable getting under the wheel of a vehicle with my leg being injured to the degree that it was. I need to see how it goes, make the determination whether I will need to have my pedals adjusted, have a special device installed for the steering wheel, or find out if I will even be able to drive at all. I want to be able to drive my wife and child and I want this to be a total surprise to her. Who knows, first the car and then the bike, maybe? We shall see.
After my try-out, I am feeling on top of the world. It is as though I have never missed a beat from behind the wheel. I won’t need any adjustments to the pedal because on these newer automobiles, they are manufactured with the pedals that automatically adjust with the touch of a bbutton. Same with the steering wheel and the steering column as well. I am good to go, Mrs. Hunter. I shake hands with Jeb Anderson and thank him for all of his help. No need to retake a test or to even have my license renewed. I just need to get a Handicapped Parking Tag so that I can park close to where I am going and if things work out, I shouldn’t even need that for long.

I get out of the car and limp up to the house and it might be my imagination, but it seems as though my limp is not as pronounced as it was earlier. Yeah, I’m wishful thinking again. Keep on Hunter. You will get there.

I get home just in time to heat the soup, get the sandwich and macaroni salad out of the fridge that Caro left for me, as well as the big hunk of chocolate cake. Damn, she must think that I can really put the food away, which I do in record time. My wife is amazing.

Just as I am finishing lunch, the doorbell rings. I hurry to the door so that she won’t have to ring the second time, open it and introduce myself to our Realtor who Caro doesn’t know a thing about….yet! “Hi, I’m Sebestian Hunter.” “Hi, Mr. Hunter! I’m Penny Coakley from Yevol Realty.” “Yes, Ms. Coakley. Come on in. As I explained to you, my wife is not here and I know that this is strange, however, I want this to be a complete surprise to her. I motion to the chair in our small living room and ask her to take a seat. I explain to her what it is that I am looking for and she says that it will not be a problem.

We discuss the financing end of what I need and she, again states that it would not be a problem. She informs me that from the information that I provided her over the phone, I am eligible for around $75,000 in VA benefits and with the money that I have saved up, I will only need around $100,000 of the money that Liz left to Caro.

She asks me if I am ready to go property hunting. On the way over, she explains that she accidently ran across the perfect setting for what I want. I listened as she describes it to me.

It sets on over 1 ½ acres of land with a view of the ocean. Sounds perfect. Let’s go see it. As soon as I see it, I make the decision that there is no need to waste Anna Coakley’s time any further. This is it. I tell her to take me to her office so that we can write it up.
I am home just in time to beat Caro. I am so excited that I can barely contain myself. She starts to busy herself in the kitchen and I tell her that we have something too important to wait to discuss. She gets a worried look on her face and I tell her that this is happy news. She immediately relaxes.

I asked her how her shopping spree went and she starts bubbling about what a wonderful time they had and she in turn asked me how mine went. I mirror exactly what she said to me about “a wonderful time” and she just stares at me. “You had a wonderful time watching the water?” “I guess you could say that, Caro.

I then tell her about the property that we bought. She lets loose with ton of questions, “What are you talking about? Where is the property? What are you going to do with it? How much did it cost? Why didn’t you talk to me about it?”

I start laughing and ask her which one of her questions does she want me to answer first? She looks at me and says, “I don’t care, just start talking and it better be good!”

Sorry for the “cliffhanger” but I think you will like the ending.

Be sure to come back for more of Sebestian and Caroline as well as Christian and Ana in just a couple of days.



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Christian’s reunion….of sorts Pt. 1

All of these characters belong to E L James and are borrowed for the purpose of entertainment to those who can’t get enough of the Grey’s, however, the ideas as well as newly introduced individuals are strickly mine and are subjected to copywrite laws.



After our early morning run, I get the same ‘hair standing up on the back of my neck’ feeling that I had experienced for the last 3 days. I am always aware of our surroundings but with this heightened internal alert system going off inside my body, I am even more so. I continue scanning our route, only now, I am suspicious of even the little old ladies walking their dogs. Grey senses something is amiss but chooses to ignore it. I guess he thinks I’m tired of hearing him say that I’m overreacting. Well, he’s right, I am tired of him saying that but since I am his personal protection, ‘think what you will, Grey’. That is the reason why you pay me the big bucks.


As soon as we get back to GEH, I call Welch and arrange for an “invisible escort” to tail us in the morning and explain to him that I’m just getting this eerie feeling that someone is watching us. Welch tells me that he’s “on it” and he will report back to me as soon as he finds anything out and yes, he will keep this “under raps” from the boss.


About an hour later, Welch texts me that everything is in place and that I am to text him to give him our route. He informs me that this is going to be so under cover that I won’t even know that we are being followed. After Welch’s text, I start to relax….somewhat.


As soon as I finish reading Welch’s text, my phone rings the familiar tone that alerts me that it is the “ice queen”. “Yes, Andrea.” “Taylor, I am preparing the statements for the finance department and I notice that there is a lot of activity on Mr. and Mrs. Grey’s credit card and in addition to that, the amounts are staggering. Do you know anything about this?” I tell her that I will be right out. I hang up the phone and it rings immediately. I check to see who it is as the ring is just a normal ring. “Unknown” pops up so I answer it only to discover it is the “bitch troll” as Mrs. Grey calls her. Why the hell is she calling me? “Hello, Taylor, this is Mrs. Lincoln. Please don’t hang up on me. I have been trying to reach Mr. Grey but he is not taking my calls and I really do need to talk to him.”  My reply to her is, “Okay and how does that involve me?” “Well, I was wondering if you could give him your cell so that I could speak with him?” What the hell is wrong with this woman? The boss was right, she’s just like a pit bull that won’t let go. “Mrs. Lincoln, I really resent you calling me to get to Mr. Grey.  Did it ever occur to you that if he wanted to speak to you, that he would have taken your calls? I might be overstepping my bounds, but you need to get on with your life and leave Mr. and Mrs. Grey alone. Just to make it plain, do not Ever. Call. Me. again!!!! How in the hell did you get my number anyway? You have really crossed the line and that will never happen again. Answer me, Elena, how did you get my number? “Elena? Now who is crossing the line? It’s Mrs. Lincoln to you! If you must know, Mr. Grey had you call me long before he met that little gold digger Ana, for the purpose of a change of plans that we had made and I just kept it. It has been years ago, and just for the record, I know that you and Gail, that female servant, have never liked me but you people are beneath me anyway, so it really doesn’t matter what you think of me.” “Good, then we don’t ever have to worry about you calling us again, and I suggest that it would be in your best interest to stay away from the Mrs. Christian Grey if you don’t want her foot in your ass…..again.” I then throw the phone down on the desk before I disconnect so that the noise is extremely loud in her ear. Before I disconnect the call, I hear faintly, “fucking bastard”. My point has been made. I disconnect and head in to see the ice queen.


After I explain to Andrea that all charges are legit, I head back to my office to try to settle down a bit before Grey has me on the run. And it isn’t even noon yet. What a way to start a day. I sure as hell hope it slows down. ‘Right, Taylor, dream on!’



“Good morning, Mr. Grey’s office. This is Andrea. How may I help you?” The voice on the other end is seemingly very polite and asks to speak to Mr. Grey. “May I ask who is calling?” The pleasant voice on the other end of the receiver says, “Oh he wouldn’t know me by name, ma’m. I am someone who he knew from a long time ago.”  “I see, however, sir, Mr. Grey has to be informed as to who you are before he will take any calls. Is this personal or business, sir?” The voice on the other end states that it is very personal and that it is very important that he talks to him, his voice becoming a little more insistent at this point. I tell him apologetically, that it is not possible for him to speak to Mr. Grey without an appointment and I will have to have his name, social security number, and how he knows Mr. Grey. I inform him that I am taking appointments for the first part of next year and as soon as I get the required information, I will give him a call to verify his time to see Mr. Grey. ”Would you like to make an appointment, sir?”

The once pleasant voice, now becomes very loud and almost angry. “I’ll call you back.” And with that, he slams the phone down. I immediately ring for Taylor and inform him of the strange phone call. After the attempt on Mr. Grey’s life, we are all a little jumpy and more protective of the boss. Taylor thanks me and lets me know that security has been increased.



Hair raising on the back of my neck time….AGAIN. I immediately make my way to Welch’s  office and inform him of what has happened and instruct him to call a meeting of the security team together. Welch agrees and immediately sends out an urgent e-mail. The meeting is set for Sunday as that is the soonest that he can get security replacements in place. The Grey mansion, Escala, GEH, Grey Construction and Grey Publishing all need immediate protection. Sawyer and I will handle the personal protection for the boss and his wife. Damn, I hate trying to protect in the blind. I have no idea what is going on or what other sick bastard is trying to do the boss in.


The next morning which is Friday, I am all suited and ready to run 5 or 6 miles with the boss, depending on his mood. Ana wore his ass out last night so he will probably only do 5, if that. How do I know that? Because they were in bed or at least in the bedroom by 7 last night and he sent me a text informing me that I could have the rest of the evening off. That was just perfect because I have wanted to take Gail for a cruise in my new ride. She loves that vehicle.


The boss is in pretty good spirits as he bids me, “Morning Taylor”.  “Sir.”  The boss notices me looking around more than usual this morning and asks, “Something wrong, Taylor?”  “I’m not sure, sir. Probably not.” No sooner than “probably not” has come out of my mouth, I saw the shadow of a rather large male duck behind one of the vacant buildings and I know that someone is tailing us because we take a different route every morning which means that he has been watching us for some time to have figured out where we would be and when. Grey didn’t see the shadow because the male subject waited until we were past him and the only reason that I saw him was because I turned around when I got that tingling feeling on the back of my neck. I ease my hand inside my jacket and unstrap my shoulder holster so as Grey wouldn’t notice. I had full confidence that Welch’s people were on it so we kept running. 


A few minutes later, we hear sirens. I turn around and see flashers just about where I saw the shadow. I inform the boss that I think we should turn around and back track because something has gone down. “Taylor, what on earth are you talking about?” “Mr. Grey, please sir, do as I ask. Your life may be in danger. Something strange took place today and for the last 3 days, I have been having this eerie feeling, so if you will just do as I ask sir, I sure that we will be just fine.

“Dammit, Taylor. Somebody better be trying to blow my fucking brains out or your fucking head is going to roll.” I want to laugh but the situation is just too serious. The boss, however, does as I asked and we jog back to where the flashers are.


Welch’s team has vehicles with sirens as well as flashers and because they are licensed security, they are allowed to have both. As we approach the stopped vehicle and slow down to a walk, I tell Grey about the strange phone call that had come in earlier. He looked at me like I had two heads and growing two more on top of those. “Didn’t want to concern you with it sir, until we did a little more investigating.” “I will say one thing sir, the ice queen is about as tough as nails when it comes to protecting you from anyone that we don’t know. Boy, she’s tough”. “When we get back to Escala, I will expect a full debriefing, Grey spits out.” “Yes, sir”, I say.

We get to the vehicle where Welch’s men have a man in handcuffs and at gun point, questioning him. You can tell that the poor bastard is scared shitless because he has literally pissed his pants. The sun has been up for about 20 minutes and traffic has started rubbernecking to try to see what was going on.


Hope you have enjoyed part one of this saga, Grey fanatics. Didn’t want to leave you hanging but I also didn’t want to spoil the thrill of a shock. Part 2 will be posted Friday. Until then, try to guess what happens next.


Christmas at the Sr. Grey’s

All of these characters belong to E L James and are borrowed for the purpose of entertainment to those who can’t get enough of the Grey’s, however, the ideas as well as newly introduced individuals are strickly mine and are subjected to copywrite laws.

Christmas at the Sr. Grey’s
After the annual Christmas Dinner is completed, which was prepared by Mia and by the way, was beyond delicious, food cleared and dishes done by the men this time, we gather in the huge room which I call the Grey Gathering Place, and open our gifts. Boss and Ana have really gone all out with the gifts that they have purchased for everyone. All of the women got chocolate diamonds in matching bracelets, earrings and necklaces while the men all received matching tie pins and cuff links, in chocolate diamonds……. except for me. Then Elliot hands his little sister an envelope that is decorated with all types of French cuisine drawn on it. Mia takes the envelope and reads what it says on the outside.

“Consider this to be a little acorn from which a mighty oak will grow. Merry Christmas, Mia. With love, Elliot, Christian and Ana”. For the first time since I have know her….actually probably the first time in her life, Mia is speechless. She looks at her brothers and sister-in-law, who she refers to as her “sister” and very meekly says, “Thank you, you three”. She carefully opens the envelope, pulls out a check, 2 gift certificates and a note. After she reads the note, she squeals like she normally does when she is overwhelmed with joy, runs up to them, barrels into all three of them like a miniature full back and starts hugging them and sobbing, really sobbing, hard. Her parents look at the three of them as if to say, ‘What on earth did you give to her?” As a matter of fact, everyone in the room has the same expression on their faces. Dr. Grey is the first one to say anything. “Mia, darling, are you going to share with us what your gift is or are we going to have to suffer until you stop crying, which from the sounds of it, might be sometime next week?” Everyone starts laughing and Mia starts wiping her eyes and her nose which is running quite heavily by now. Her dad hands her a box of tissues and wraps his arm around her shoulder while she composes herself. Finally, she is able to speak. “Everyone, my brothers and sister have given me the gift of a lifetime. She holds up a check for a million dollars from Christian and Ana, and two gift certificates from Elliot. The check is for me to purchase land and equipment to start my French restaurant and the gift certificates are for Elliot to build my restaurant to my specifications and for me to hire anyone whom I desire to assist me in designing it. The value is one million dollars”. The room breaks out in loud applause and whopping. The sobbing starts all over again, except this time Mia is joined by all of the women in the room. Why do women cry when they are happy?

While I didn’t dwell on it, I just wondered if Grey was going to give me the usual bonus later on after we got home, which I have already planned to share with Sophie. While everyone was ooohing and ahhhing over their gifts, the boss and Ana walk over to me and hand me a neatly wrapped gift. Ana notices the surprised look on my face and starts giggling.

“It’s for your office door”, she says with a chuckle. The boss looks at her and smiles as if trying to stifle a laugh and Gail sits and just looks impassive. I take the gift and thanked them sincerely, knowing that if it is for my door, it too has probably got chocolate diamonds imbedded in it. Boss tells me not to open it yet and all of a sudden, I feel as though I am the butt of a joke which pisses me off because I am no joking matter and the boss knows that.

As if on queue, the room suddenly quiets. The boss stands by the piano and the entire gathering, gives him their attention. He looks at me and calls me by name. “Taylor”. I reply, “Sir?”

You have been on my personal staff for almost 5 years. During that time, you have proved to be a most valued and trusted employee. You have proved that you are willing to risk life and limb to protect my wife and me and not even give it a second thought. I know that there have been times when you have wanted to take me out yourself, just to stop me from playing my piano in the middle of the night, keeping you awake. However, you were still able to get up and run with me or work out in the gym by 5:30 a.m. If need be, without any sleep at all, you were suited up and ready to “roll” with me, regardless of the time. I know that you got so angry at me one time that I thought we might have to come to blows and we both remember what that was all about. There was the disagreement that we had about you “packing” and you threatened to “walk” if you couldn’t “pack” so that you would be able to protect us, which, by the way, turned out that you were right. It was this last incident that made me realize just how fragile life is and the fact that one person is so willing to lay down his life for an employer, is just beyond belief. As you know, I am a man of few words. You have accepted me and all of my crazy ways without question. I, on the other hand, have noticed some things about you, my friend and I say that because, you are not just my personal protection, but my friend as well. I trust you with my life and that of my wife and those of my children as well. All of that being said, it gives me great pleasure to present you with a gift that I know you have always dreamed of having. It is just our way of saying, thank you, Taylor for all you have been to and done for us. Anastasia.” Ana then looks at me and tells me that I can now open my gift. Talk about being speechless. I cannot believe that the boss has actually let me know how he feels about me. Good gracious. Will wonders never cease. I look at him and say, “Just doing my job, boss”.

I open the gift that is supposed to be for my office door. It is a set of the State of Washington license tags that read “TAYLOR”. I look at my boss and he says, “They belong on what is in the circle in front of the house. Everyone get your coats and head outside.” He tells me to wait until everyone else is out of the house. He then tells, me, “Let’s go, Taylor”. Those who have exited have made two lines that I am expected to walk through. As soon as I step out of the door, I can’t move another step. All I can do is stare. There at the foot of the steps leading up to the Grey Sr.’s mansion, is a beautiful, 2013 black shiny Bugatti Veyron 16.4 vehicle. The only thing that I can think to say is, “Do you know how much these vehicles cost?” I could not believe that I said this out loud to my mega billionaire boss. Everyone starts laughing. My boss says, “Well, yes, Taylor, Ana and I bought it for you so I do know how much it costs”. I could feel myself turning all shades of red for asking such a stupid question that everyone thought was so funny. The next stupid thing that comes out of my mouth was, “For me? You have got to be kidding me.” The boss simple says, “Well that’s whose name is on the tags. You know that there are plenty of vehicles at your disposal at Escala, but we thought that you deserved one of your very own. One that is Taylor’s exclusively”. It’s all ready to go. Bullet proofed and low jacked so we can always find you. Why don’t you put the tags on and take it for a spin with Gail, but don’t forget to come back and get us. We will be ready to go in a couple of hours. I finally get my wits gathered and say something that sounds reasonable. “Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Grey. Thank you so much. Thank you”.

As I am putting the tags on my brand new vehicle, I am remembering that the boss had me make him my Power of Attorney after I was grazed by the bullet. That is how he was able to get the tags. Tags in their proper place, I open the door for Gail who is as proud as a peacock to be riding with me in such a fine vehicle. She rolls the window down and gives a queen like wave as everyone starts laughing. I start up the engine and hear the familiar throaty roar which sends me to another planet. I can’t believe that Ana and Grey think so much of me. It is overwhelming.

I explain to Gail as we pull out of the driveway, exactly what she is riding in. I tell her to open the glove box and take out the instruction booklet so that she can become familiar with its bells and whistles. She does as I ask and along with the book, she pulls out an envelope. She asks me what it is and I tell her that I don’t have any idea, maybe a spare key but she should open it. She opens the envelope and says, “Jason, listen to this”. ‘Taylor, I know that you always share your bonus with Sophie. I didn’t want this year to be any different, just because you got the car of your dreams. Please accept your annual bonus of $10,000.00. Grey”. “Oh, Jason”, Gail says as she starts to weep. There goes that crying because of happiness, again. Women. To tell you the truth, I have to wipe away my own tears and I don’t even try to hide them. Talk about being overwhelmed. This is a double portion of overwhelmness.

History from Google
Though the Bugatti brand goes back a century to the dawn of the automotive age, it had died out during the World Wars of the twentieth century. The name was resurrected in 2005 to build one unmistakable model: the Veyron. Though Bugatti has only made about 400 of these amazing vehicles, it has managed to create several special editions, not to mention the ability of the buyer to configure the car how he or she prefers. Any way you sliced it, a Veyron would set you back a minimum of $1.5 million.
Every configuration of the 16.4, as the production version of the Veyron was called, starts with the curvaceous two-tone body. The small, arched grille is similar to the horseshoe-shaped grille found on Bugattis of old, with the oval “Bugatti” emblem in the center. At the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Sang Bleu made its debut in honor of the company’s 100th anniversary. The convertible’s striking appearance comes courtesy of blue carbon fiber and polished aluminum. The Grand Sport open-topped roadster is limited to 150 examples total, of which this $2-million plus one-off edition is one.
As we walk back into the mansion, Dad puts his arm around my shoulder and tells me, “You have been extremely generous, son. If you need me to, I will be more than happy to contribute to the cost of that car”. I look at my dad and feel a rush of love come over me. This man allowed me to be pulled back from the threat of death, took care of me until I became an adult, showed me all of the love he could muster, and showed me by example, how to be a caring man and he still wants to assist me with an expensive gift that I give to someone who I care deeply for. I turn around, give him a hug and tell him, “No thanks, Dad. I can well afford what Ana and I did here today. I realize that there is no sense in having money if you can’t share it with those you love. I really appreciate your offer, though. Dad, do you know how much Ana and I are worth? I make approximately $125,000 per hour. At this point, I am the second wealthiest man in Seattle and among the top 25 wealthiest men in the world. I am so grateful to be able to live the type of life that I am living that I can’t help but share my wealth with others. I love you, Dad. Now let’s go enjoy our family. And Dad, thanks”.
When we get back to Escala, I ask Ana if she thinks Mia and Taylor enjoyed their Christmas. Ana says, “I doubt it”, she giggles. “As a matter of fact, I think that Taylor is going to sleep in his car and leave poor Gayle sleeping alone.” I throw my head back and start laughing. I tell her that Taylor wants to keep his family jewels so he will probably end up back in her bed, even if it is in the wee small hours of the morning. We both laugh. I ask Ana if she is ready to turn in and with a smile, she nods. I take her by the hand and lead her to our room. I put my beautiful wife to bed, crawl in beside her, put my arms around her and hold her close to me and say to her, “It’s been a good day, Anastasia. It’s been a good day”. We then bid each other good nite, the only way we know how.

A little bit about Taylor, Gail, Ana and me, Pt 1

When Taylor and I walk into the elevator to go up to the penthouse, I inform him that I would like to be the one to tell Ana and Gail about the day’s events. I want them both to know that we are fine and no worse for the ware. Taylor answers me with a simple “Sir”. The elevator door opens and Ana is there to great her husband with a big hug. “I don’t know what this is all about”, I say, “but I gladly accept it”. Taylor makes his way into the kitchen and gives Gail a hug and she receives it with “a glad to see you,’’ response. “Me too”, he says.

I ask Ana if she wants to join me in a glass of wine and she tells me that she would be delighted. “It’s been one heck of a day”, she tells me. I give her my smile that reaches to my eyes. After we finish our drinks, I ask Gail and Taylor to come into the great room where Ana and I are seated. I ask Taylor to summon Sawyer and Ryan as well. Gail comes in with a puzzled look on her face and Ana glances over at me as if to say, “Okay, Grey….what’s up now”?

I motion for them to sit and start off by telling them that Taylor and I have something to tell them but they shouldn’t get panicky “because as you can see, we are just fine”. Both Ana and Gail jump to their feet and at the same time, ask, and not in a calm way, “What happened?” I go into a full blown explanation of what took place. During my explanation, when I come to the part about thinking that Taylor got hit by bullets, Gail does the unexpected. She faints. As she starts to fall to the floor, Ana grabs her giving Taylor enough time to get to her before she hits the floor. He lays her on the couch while Ana darts off and returns as quickly as she left, with a bottle of smelling salts. I’m wondering where in the hell did she get those from. I didn’t even know there were any in here. I’ll ask her about that later.

When Gail is revived and snuggled safely in Taylor’s arms, Ana just stares at me as though she is reaching into my soul to pull it out of my very being. I go to her, wrap my arms around her and say to her “please, baby. Try to keep it together. We are both fine as you can see”. I ask them if they want me to continue. Gail just shakes her head in the affirmative while Ana just continues to stare at me like I am an alien from outer space. I’m thinking that maybe I should wait for a few more minutes. I look at Gail who has tears running down her face and I look at Ana who still has that blank stare and make the decision to just get it the hell over with.

After the incident is completely relayed, I tell Ana what I have agreed to let the ball crusher do. As I start to escort my wife to our bedroom after telling her that we need a private moment, my blackberry rings. I look and think, “Oh fuck! It’s Elena”. I let the call go to voice mail and proceed to guide Ana. She is like a zombie. I don’t know how she made it to the medicine cabinet unassisted. All of a sudden, Ana starts gasping for air, tears start flowing and she starts shaking. “Ana, baby”, I say as I scoop her up in my arms. She throws her arms around me and goes completely ballistic. She starts screaming “no, no, no”, and thrashing around to the point that I almost drop her. I deposit her on our bed and just hold her as close to me as I possibly can and start rocking her gently.
When she finally calms down and her sobs become whimpers, I start planting kisses all over her beautiful face, ending up on her lips that get so soft when she cries, runny nose and all. I reach for the box of tissues and gently wipe her nose. She quiets and looks at me with those beautiful blue eyes. “Christian, if anything ever happened to you, I would die….just die. Please! Don’t leave me, Christian. I would not be able to live”. “Anastasia, I feel the same way about you so I guess we are stuck with each other, forever and always, even in death and beyond. Don’t worry, baby. It looks like neither one of us is going anywhere”.

I tell her to go wash her face and get ready to come with me to meet her best friend and then we are going to play Santa Claus. “How do we do that, Christian?” Her voice is still rather weak but she seems to perk up at the thought of seeing Kate. I tell her that every year, I go to some of the stores that have layaway plans in and around Seattle and pay for all of the layaways that parents have had to cancel because the money was just not there. She looks at me, throws herself on me, hugs me tight and tells me that I am the best person in the world. I just smile, and ask, “You think? Now let’s get going, baby, before we end up doing the vanilla thing. The stores stay open much later around this time of year so we should be good to go”.

After we spend about $25,000 dollars, we head for Escala. I tell Anastasia what my plans are for Taylor and the rest of our staff at home as well as my mom, dad and grandparents. She can’t believe when I tell her what we are getting for Taylor. “That reminds me”, I say to Ana. “Don’t let me forget to give Elliot and Mia a call tomorrow”. She agrees, pulls my head down and gives me a loving kiss on the cheek. “Oh, and by the way, I will leave it up to you to choose gifts for Ray, and your mom and Bob. And please don’t spare the cost. Remember Ana, you are a wealthy lady now and money is just not an object. Ana smiles, holds my hand and says in an almost whisper, “Thank you, Christian”. I ask her what she is thanking me for. “Remember my wedding vow to you”? I repeat what I vowed to her…”What’s mine is now yours”. You don’t need to thank me for what is already yours, baby”. I look down at her and gently wipe away a tear that has fallen down her cheek. Damn, I love this woman, I think to myself.

Ana and I finish up our last minute shopping as she tells me what she has purchased for Ray, her mom and her husband, Bob. She looks at me to see what my reaction is when I find out how much money she spent. I smile at her approvingly and we walk, hand in hand through the beautifully decorated stores. Christmas is such a special time of year but it certainly hasn’t always been that way. My thoughts go back to when I was with my biological mother. Not pleasant thoughts but that is going to be taken care of soon.

When we arrive at home, the live Christmas tree has been delivered, decorated and is standing tall in the great room, looking every bit as beautiful as any she has ever seen. Ana just marvels at how beautiful it is. I tell her to wait until she gets into her house with all of its decorations, inside and out. The house is just about done but Ana changed her mind about a few things which threw the renovations off a little bit….quite a bit, really but Elliot is doing a fantastic job. No problem, her ‘brother’ tells her. (My brother). She calls him brother ever since he made that toast at our wedding where he referred to her as his “sister”. “Anything for you dear sister. I just want you to be as happy as you have made my little brother”. Talk about someone making someone happy. Ana beams and lets me know how much she loves my family. I tell her that they love her back just as much. “Sometimes, I think they love you more than they love me”. She makes my most favorite sound in the world….she giggles.

As Ana and I prepare to go to our prospective places of work, she reminds me as we enter the elevator, not to forget to give Elliot and Mia a call. I thank her, give her a kiss and tell Sawyer to take care of my girl. He smiles and says that he “has her covered, sir”. Ana and I say our “see you laters” (never good bye” as it sounds too final}.

Taylor and I walk into my building with a bevy of “glad to see you both, sir”, from the staff. I want to make sure that Andrea is okay so both Taylor and I, enter her office after a slight peck on her opened office door. “Glad to see that you are here and okay, Andrea. “I’m fine, sir. I was just a little shaken when I took the call”. I laugh out loud and repeat in a question like format. “Just a little shaken huh”? “Yes, sir.” she says looking down, embarrassed. “I hope to hell I never see you a lot shaken”, I retort. Taylor tries to stifle a chuckle which he is not very successful in doing. I ignore him and ask Andrea if she is up to taking instructions for the day. She jumps up, pad in hand and follows us into the office.

This is top priority, Andrea. Write a memo to all thirty thousand employees and remind them that GEH is a zero tolerance company. This is in light of the recently passed law that makes that whacky tobacky shit legal. If an employee is sick enough to have to smoke it, then they are too sick to be employed here. If I get fined for discrimination, then so be it. I will just have to pay the fine. There will be absolutely no drugs of any kind allowed on the premises of any building that is under the name of Grey Enterprises Holdings, here in the United States as well as those that are abroad. Put it in language that there will be no reason for them to not understand and have each one of them sign that they have read and understand this directive. I want them returned to me within three days. Each building manager will be responsible for checking to make sure that all have signed and dated, and then they are to be sent back to me with the manager’s signature, verifying that each employee has signed. Any breach of this directive will be cause for immediate dismissal, regardless of what the law says. This is Christian T. Grey’s law and it is to be followed to the inth degree. If anyone has any questions or is not clear, they are to get in touch with me directly. Antibiotics or over the counter drugs for the relief of a headache, cold or any preexisting or newly acquired ailment i.e. diabetes, high blood pressure, etc., is exempt. Sincerely, so on and so forth. And by the way, while I am thinking about it, send a notice out to all of the staff here in our north east area that all offices will be closed tomorrow, due to the predicted heavy snow warning. I don’t want anyone sliding in on the road just to get here. Notify Welch that he is to activate the security system to automatic and notify the police department in all locations of our plans. Tell the security detail that they also have the day off. We will play it by ear for the next few days.

I proceed to let Andrea know what else she is to do. I then ask her if she has heard from my European interest. She tells me that it is all taken care of and we can expect delivery early next week to the company here. She is talking in code and I understand every word. “Good job, Andrea”, I tell her. “One last thing. Is everything set for Christmas Eve?” She said that it is. I thank her and tell her that she deserves a medal. I turn to Taylor and ask him if everything is taken care of per my instructions. “Yes sir”, he says and looks like he is going to salute. I simply say to him, “Thank you, Taylor. Have you and Gail made plans yet for the wedding?” “I’m not sure, sir. I will have to check with her”. “Taylor, you act like you are already married, but that’s okay. Women are supposed to take care of all of that kind of stuff. You are not expecting a bachelor party, are you? “Yes, sir”, Taylor says. Taking me completely by surprise, I look at him and say “WHAT?” “Yes, sir. Ryan, Sawyer and Welch insist on it”. I’m wondering if I am going to be invited since I didn’t know anything about it. As if he is reading my mind, he says, “I think they are going to ask you if you will help to plan it.” I tell him that I will gladly accept the challenge. “Oh, fuck….what in the hell did I just agree to do? I think to myself. “I don’t do shit like that”. Oh well, I guess I’m committed. “Damn”.
We pick up Anastasia and Sawyer and I tell Taylor that I want to make a stop at the Sherman Clay Music store where I bought my piano. Taylor says, “Sir” and weaves his way expertly through the heavy holiday traffic to Fourth Avenue. We arrive in record time, due to Taylor knowing all of the shortcuts. As we exit the Audi SUV, Taylor tells Sawyer that he is “going in with the Grey’s and he should keep a watchful eye at the door”. Sawyer says, “Yes sir, boss”. I smile as we enter the store. Anastasia asks me if I am going to buy another piano. I tell her yes but it is going to be a surprise for her. She looks at me quizzically.

The same salesman that met me before greets us and shakes my hand. Mr. Bellamy is expecting you. I introduce Mr. Bellamy to Ana and he surprises her by saying “Mrs. Grey. How very nice to meet you, and congratulations on expecting your first child.” Ana’s mouth drops almost to the floor and I have to laugh. I put my arm around my wife’s expanding waist. “We are here to purchase a child’s Baby Grand piano”, I tell her. She looks at me like I have just taken leave of my senses. “Christian, we haven’t purchased anything for the baby yet. Not a crib, not a diaper, not a bottle…..nothing and you are going to purchase this unborn child a piano?” You can’t give this child lessons until he or she is born”. Mr. Bellamy says, “Well I always say, you can’t get them started too early”. Everyone in earshot starts laughing, even Taylor. I lean over, kiss my wife and tell her to “let’s get this over. I’m hungry.”
I have instructed Mr. Bellamy to order in 3 pianos of different colors, because we don’t know if this child is a boy or a girl.

I tell Ana that we can just chose the white one if she would like. She looks at me, frowns and says, in a shocked tone. “If I’d like?” Why don’t we just ask the baby?” she says. “Wow”, I think. I haven’t heard her smart mouth in ages. I really have missed it. That is one of the reasons why I fell in love with this person. “Well sir, ma’m, when the children out grow them, we can exchange them for larger ones”, Mr. Bellamy says. I say that we will probably keep them all because we plan to have several children. I have to catch Ana as she stumbles back and says, “We are?” “Yes, baby”. I whisper quietly in her ear. I want as many extensions of you as I can possible get. Ana sighs and says, “As you wish, Christian. We are going to have to add a special room for all of these pianos”, Ana says. I tell her “that there will be no need for that…they can stay right in the room with my Steinway. Elliot has already made plans to have the room maintained at the right temperature for my piano and there will be plenty of space for all three.”

“I see that I am not the only one who has delayed the finishing of our house”, Ana pips. I have to laugh and she utters my favorite sound: She giggles.

We pay for the pianos, make arrangements for them to be delivered and walk out of the store, with Taylor leading the way. “Everything okay?” I ask my wife who is staring at nothing in particular. “Everything is just fine. I was just giving thanks for your being my husband and the father of our children to be. How blessed we all are”. I pull my loving wife closer to me and ask her quietly, “playroom?” She nods and giggles out, “before we eat or after?”


After supper, Roz rings me on my blackberry. The hospital called and told her that the injured would be assassin was being taken to their “inside jail holding room” and that he is no longer on the critical list and he is under heavy guard. The police are going to get a statement tomorrow morning. I tell Roz that I can’t wait to hear this one. I thank her and as soon as I hang up my call from Roz, my Blackberry goes off again. “FUCK”, I say louder than I intend to. Ana looks up but doesn’t say anything. I think to myself, does that woman have bricks for brains?” I let Elena’s call go to voice mail. “I know that sooner or later I am going to have to deal with her but not now, not in front of Ana. I would like to go to bed in one piece tonight and that includes me having my balls in their proper place”.

My wife and I head for bed and bid each other good night in the only way we know how.

All of the characters belong to ELJames. The reference that is made about the toast by Elliot to his “new sister”, is borrowed from The piano store and the owner are borrowed from The introduction of the new idea and new characters, if any, belong strickly to me and are subjected to copywrite laws.

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I see that Caro is really serious. “Caro baby, do you mind if I sit down first?” When we had come out of the kitchen, her glare had me “nailed” to the floor and I really didn’t know what to expect so I just stood.


“Sit down, Sebastian and cut the crap, damn it. Start talking!” I love it when she talks to me like that. “Caro, to answer your last question, the reason why I didn’t say anything was that I wanted it to be a complete surprise to you.  I finally know what it is that I want to be when I grow up.


After everything that I have been through, seeing myself progress because of your help and faith in me, I decided that I want to help people just like me and even worse. Caro, I want to become a physical trainer and open my own training facility.” I wait for her to say something but she continues to look at me with an expression on her face that I have never seen before. Is it approval? Is it doubt? Say something, Caro. Finally she blinks and tears start to roll down her beautiful face. She says, “Oh, Sebastian, I think that is a wonderful idea. We can take the money that Liz left  us because it is our money, and start your or should I say, our business”


 “It doesn’t end there, baby. That is just Phase I. There will be 3 or 4 more phases. The building will house  several office/medical complexes which will include a motivational speaker platform with seating for possibly 250 people, a mental health counseling complex, a physical therapy area for those individuals who cannot exercise on their own but who can benefit from a trained therapist’s assistance, a children’s care center with trained personnel and an indoor pool with separate whirlpool equipment and last but not least, a spiritual center with a full time spiritual counselor on hand 24/7. As a matter of fact, eventually, the entire facility will be open 24/7. Individuals don’t pick the time to need help. My plan is to bring in motivational speakers once a month like I heard from that one lady who truly inspired me. Just because someone tells you that you can’t do something, I want them to know that they can at least make the effort if they just try. Are you ready for the name of our complex, Caro?”   “Hunter’s Way.”  Caro throws herself on me and sobs uncontrollably. She cries so hard until I find myself realizing what we can accomplish and I start to sob as well. We hold each other until we are settled down and just enjoy the aftermath in each other’s arms.


“I have another surprise for you, Caro. I can drive.” “WHAT?”, she screams. “How do you know? How long have you been withholding this from me? I told her that I just found out this afternoon. I had called Mr. Anderson from Anderson’s Driving School and he took me out. I let her know that I had done quite a good job.


As I am talking to her about this latest feat, the telephone rings. I answer it because Caro is still trying to reel in what I have just told her. “Hello, Hunter residence.” “Oh, hello, Ms. Coakley. She says that she has wonderful news for me and asks me is this a good time to discuss this. I tell her yes it is and said that if she would like to come over and meet Mrs. Hunter, now would be a perfect time. She agrees and says she will stop over on her way home in just a few minutes.

I explain to Caro and immediately she jumps up, runs to the kitchen and starts preparing a late afternoon snack for our approaching guest. This woman, my wife, my Caro, is beyond amazing.


Ms. Coakley says that the property owner accepted my offer and that he wanted her to present me with an offer. It seems as though he is moving out of the state and he needs to liquidate all of his properties. He had purchased it with the intention of erecting a private golf course but decided that he wanted to leave the area. He told her to offer me the remainder of the property which included approximately, ten more acres at half of what he wanted for them and if I couldn’t come up with the cash or financing, he would sell it to me on land contract with whatever I could put down and a balloon payment due in 10 years.


Caro didn’t give me a chance to even think about it. She jumped up and asked Ms. Coakley, “Where do we sign?” There is no way that we are going to turn down this offer with what we have in mind.”   


“Do you mind if I ask what you are going to name your facility, Mr. Hunter?” Again, Caro doesn’t give me the opportunity to answer as she proudly states the full name. “Hunter’s Way Health and Wellness Center, Inc. and our mission statement is simply ‘We are here to help you improve body and mind and soul. This is Hunter’s Way.”


“Oh, Mrs. Hunter. How perfect is that? I love the idea and I will be your first member so mark it down that no one is to join first but me. Deal?” We agree and all of us enjoy a good laugh.


Caro is so excited that she insists on contacting an architect immediately. We contact one who has an excellent reputation in the Long Beach area, and make an appointment for next week. I smile at my Caro and say to her, “I’ll drive, baby.”



Our complex has taken off like a jet and we have even paid off our mortgages early. We have been able to complete all of our phases due to the fact that all of the major insurances companies have put us on their list of approved health and wellness facilities and doctors refer their patients to our facility on a regular basis. Several doctors have told us that this is something that has been needed for some time. One said that “we try to heal them as best we can; however, we need them to make the effort to try and heal themselves. Your programs teach them how to make the attempt to do just that.”


Anyone is welcome to use our facility, whether they can afford a membership or not. We have free memberships for those who can’t pay. We have also added a restaurant to our facility so that homeless people can get meals with no charge and individuals who can afford to pay, pay only what they want to donate. It has really worked out well as we get several sizable donations from churches around the area on a regular basis.


We contacted the powers that be to get permission to name the road that we have constructed leading back to our facility, Hunter’s Way Drive. Permission was granted with no problem. Our   mailing address is now 7777 Hunter’s Way Drive. (7 in the bible means “completion and rest.”).


We had several cities contact us to build our facility in their cities, even some out of state which we are starting to work on now. We already have completed ten in our state alone and are now venturing out to other states.


We built our 8,000 sq. ft. dream home on the ocean where we can walk out to our beach area and ride the waves as much as we want, weather permitting. We are even teaching our two sons how to “ride the waves.” Caro has to take it easy for awhile due to the fact that the doctor has put her on restricted activities until she gives birth to our triplets. The three witches plus one, Nicole, Jenna, Alice and the plus one who is Ches’s wife, have really proven to be true besties.


 She told me that she has two years to have any more babies because at age 50, she is done. We would like to have at least 7 so that means after these 3 are born, we will need to get busy right away. The doctor said that she is as healthy as a horse and we could have as many as we can afford. I don’t think that will be a problem as we are on our way to amassing a quarter of a billion dollar fortune.


Caro has opened her own publishing company which is very successful. She wanted to use our   name so she named it Hunter’s Publishing House, Inc. It is on the same property that our health and wellness center is. She has been able to boast the fact that she has 5 bestselling writers. She is still the amazing wife that she has always been and now I can say what an amazing mother she is.

I still have my limp although very slight. I had taken my own advice and was able to stretch my muscles to their maximum which enabled me to walk 90% better. The guitar lessons that I took have proven to be beneficial in more ways than one. Learning to play has improved the mobility in my arm and hand and I am able to play well enough that I serenade our dinner guests. I have even had an offer to go on tour with a band. Leave Caro and these babies? Yea, right! I really like having my family jewels intact and I am really not in love with the song, “Twist and Shout”.


After making sure that all staff  is set for the balance of the afternoon, evening and the night shift, I pick up the boys from the Hunter’s Way Child Care Facility and head for home. I am so glad that I don’t need that hashish shit anymore. I stay so busy that there is really no need for it. I think back to when I started my own therapy for those horrible nightmares that I used to have. I was so impressed with my therapist and how he helped me not to have them anymore, I brought him on board as my head therapist who teaches some of my other staff in his method.


“Hi honey, hi Sebastian, hi Chester. Did all three of my loves have a good day today?” We all said in unison, “Yes, mommy.” We laughed and were all shooed to get washed up for dinner. After dinner, the boys rid the table and carried the dishes into the kitchen for our live-in housekeeper to load up and finish with the cleaning chores. Even though we had help in the housekeeping department, we still wanted to teach the guys that they had to help as well.


After family time, which tonight was sitting around the outdoor fire pit and telling our made up stories, it was time for them to go to bed. We tucked them in, kissed them good night and retired to our room. Caro seemed to be a bit more tired than usual. I asked her if she was feeling okay. She didn’t answer but gave me a familiar look. Oh my, Caro, is it time? As though on cue, she let out a moan and grabbed herself as if she was supporting her belly and said in an almost yell, “It’s time.  Get me the hell to the hospital. NOW.”


I jumped up, yelled at Mrs, Walker on our way out, that we were headed to the hospital and to please call the hospital and let them know to be expecting us and to give the nannies a call in the morning and have them be prepared to move in with us. Arrangements had already been made for this day so it was just a matter of letting them know that it was time.

By the time we get to the hospital, Caro is yelling that “The babies are coming….hurry, please, Oooooh, hurry, they are coming.” She had to be in labor for longer than she thought. The attendant met us at the ER door, got her on a stretcher and was out of there before I had time to kiss her. They wheeled her into the closest treatment room where the ER doctor was all gloved up, ready to give her a pelvic exam. He took one look and yelled, “Get her to the delivery room, STAT! She’s crowning. Let’s move it people. Call Dr. Judson and tell him that we are not going to have time to wait for him but he should get here ASAP”.


I’m thinking, how in the world is this happening so fast? The two boys took their good ole time but these three mean business. They want out and want out now. I’m walking, half running as fast as I can to keep up with the stretcher but they try to let the elevator doors close on me. I scream, “Like hell. We are in this together.” The ER doctor said “let him in, I am not about to fight with this man. He has that look. Mrs. Hunter, I hope you don’t mind.” All poor Caro could do was moan and groan. “Okay, Caro. No more I spit out. This is it.” Caro gives me a look like a wild bear protecting her cubs and yells at me, “My decision! I’m the one going through this and if I want more babies, then damn it, I will have them. Got it?”


“Oh, Caro. I just don’t want you to go through this pain again. That’s all I meant.” I know what you meant, Sebastian but we are going to have two more. That’s it…OHOOOO, one of them is coming. The doctor took his “baby delivering stance” and said it’s here. He grabs the baby by its head while the nurses grab a blanket from under the stretcher to wrap the baby in until they can get her to the delivery room. The doctor says, one down, two to go. Hold on Mrs. Hunter, you are doing fine. It’s a girl. Dad, you doing okay?”  “I’m an ex-marine who served in Afghanistan. Do I really have to answer that question?” The doctor chuckles. “Just asking, the ER doctor says.  I don’t have time to treat a fainting father.” I had to laugh at that. The elevator stops and they rush her out. The doctor asks me if I am going in the delivery room with her. I tell him yes.   Dr. Judson is almost running as he enters the delivery room.  The first thing that they do is to cut the cord and start the process of taking care of our newest child. I look at our daughter and tell Caro that she is just beautiful. Sweat is running down Caro’s face like someone poured a bucket of water on her. She has quieted down some and looks up at me. Damn, I love this woman. “Good job, baby”, I tell her. Dr. Judson is all scrubbed and tells the ER doctor, “Thanks, John. I’ll take it from here. How is she doing?” The ER doctor tells him that she is a warrior and doing great.



Dr Judson asks her if she wants an epidural. She tells him “No, thank you. I can do this. If I got through the birth our daughter naturally, I should be able to squeeze out the other two.” He looks at me, smiles and says, you have a strong woman here.” I beam with pride and tell him, “I know.” 


 “Doctor, here comes another one, the nurse bellows.”  “Okay, get ready troups. Here it is. Mr. Hunter, you have another girl.” Oh, wow, I think. I’m wondering if we are going to have all girls. I really don’t give a flyin’ leap. Just so they are healthy. Just as I am assessing the situation, the doctor says to me, “Okay, Mr. ex-marine, incoming. Here he is. A boy this time.” Caro, says, “Thank God. Are you sure he is the last one?” Everyone started laughing. “Caro, my love, we have 3 boys and 2 girls and they are all just beautiful.”


They take the babies, clean them up, weigh them and hand all of them to their mother, the two girls in one arm and the little boy in the other arm. All of a sudden, I feel warm tears streaming down my face. I am happier than I have been in my entire life. I have a big family who I love so much and who will all love me. What did I do to deserve this? And think, we are going to have 2 more. We have already named the babies. Elizabeth, Mildred, Shirley and Mitchell.  


The doctor brings me back from wherever I was and tells me that all of the babies are healthy and weigh enough to be able to go home when my wife is discharged. I look at Caro and ask her how she feels but she is out like a light. I gently take the babies, one at a time, give them three kisses each on their forehead, and hand them to the nurse. I ask them where they are taking my wife after I kiss her 3 times. After they give me the room number, I go to the waiting room to start making the calls.


When my wife wakes up at 8:30 in the morning, she has all three babies in the room with her and I have had Mrs. Walker bring the boys up to see their mother and their siblings. Caro takes one look around, motions the boys to come closer to her bedside, gives them a hug, kisses them and tells them that they are going to have to help take care of the babies because we are going to have at least two more and everybody is going to have to learn how to help. I think as I see my family, this is the true meaning of what love is all about.


I look at my Caro, smile and say, “Whatever you say, Mrs. Hunter. Whatever you say.”