Christian, Roz & Taylor take a trip to Cleveland OH

“Taylor”, the boss bellows so half of Washington State can hear him. Sensing the urgency of his beckoning, I quickly give Gail a kiss as I say to her facetiously, “I wonder who in the hell is going before his personal death squad now”. Without even knowing who the object of his wrath might be, I feel sorry for the poor bastard, whoever he is.
“Sir”, I say as it takes me all of 20 seconds to get to his office. He tells me that he just got off of the phone with Roz and she is at the boiling point in her anger. Seems as though the head honcho in charge of his northeast operations has fired all of the employees who got “caught” using the company computers to do the cyber shopping thing on company time. “Doesn’t that stupid bastard know that it’s written in their contract that all employees are allowed to have 2 hours every week for personal use on our computers because of the speed of our servers? Why in the hell does he think there is a room full of high tech equipment just for that purpose?” That is another reason, besides Gail, why I stay with the boss. He is one ‘over the top’ generous bastard. The other reason I stay is that I genuinely care for him and truly feel the need to protect Gail, Ana and him. Although sometimes I wonder if he really needs protecting because of his kick boxing skills and his love of giving out a good ass whipping to whomever he deems is worthy.
The base of this operation is in New York, and covers the Cleveland OH area which is where the firing incident took place and where we are headed. Roz is going with us and is making arraignments for the company jet to take off in an hour.
The boss calms down enough to give his wife a call at work and report to her where he is going and why. I head to the kitchen to inform Gail of what has taken place, but not before I hear him tell Ana that he needs her home “right now.” I start chuckling. I sure as hell know what that is all about. Poor Ana is going to get fucked into the middle of next week, which is always what happens when the boss gets too upset to handle his frustrations. It must be okay with Ana, though. Usually, he has to almost demand that she leave work but this time all he says is, “okay, baby, I will see you in 15 minutes.” I’m wondering how in the hell are we going to take off in an hour. Oh, well. If the boss says “in an hour”, then it is going to be in an hour. Thinking about the boss’ comments to Ana, makes me think of how much I love Gail and that thought is making me horny as a green-eyed toad. I walk up behind Gail, wrap my arms around her and briefly explain what is going on. I don’t have to request anything. She literally drags me into our bedroom, strips me from the waist down and starts doing one of the things that she does best. “Blow job time” It doesn’t take long before we are both sated. I head to the shower with Gail in tow.
About 15 minutes before our scheduled take off, the boss and I are suited in our finest “taking care of business” attire with him in that damn grey tie. I sure in hell would like to know the story behind that fucking tie. Seems to be his favorite one. Oh well, do I really want to know? I think not!
As we step into the elevator to head up to the heliport on top of Escala, I give the boss and myself a once over in the mirror inside of the elevator. Damn, we look good. He doesn’t even have that ‘just fucked’ hair look. The boss is really one handsome son- of –a-bitch and I am not far behind. I love it when we make our appearances. Mouths drop open, stares abound and all work comes to a sudden halt. “Keep focused, Taylor. You are on duty”, I say to myself. Roz meets us as we exit the elevator and together, we climb into Charlie Tango for the trip to SeaTac. The boss is piloting and after all checks are set for lift up and away, we head into the ‘the wild blue yonder’. I’m wondering how much longer it is going to be before the boss will be piloting his jet.
While enroute, Roz makes arrangements for us to be picked up by helicopter from Cleveland Hopkins Airport and lifted to Burke Lakefront Airport and then for a limo to pick us up and take us to our destination which is a building that the boss owns downtown. When we get to Grey House II and make our entrance, it was just as I predicted; mouths drop open, stares abound and all work comes to a sudden halt.
I walk past Grey and Roz, up to the security booth, identify myself, let him know who the boss is and tell the two security detail that we are here to see the plant manager. I then tell him not to bother to tell Mr. Harrison Glenwright that we are here, we know where his office is. The two men looked at each other as if to ask “what in the hell are we supposed to do?” One of the men says that if they don’t let him know that we are on the premises’, “we will get fired”. The boss steps up to the counter and calmly asks, “Who is going to fire you? I am the owner and CEO of this company and you two aren’t the ones who are getting fired. We walk past the receptionist’s desk and past a row of offices, each with assistants busy working, that is until they look up and see Grey. They all come to their door entrances and just stare as we walk by. We reach Glenwright’s office at the end of the hall and Roz opens the door, without knocking, for all of us to file in.
“What the hell”, he stutters out as though he has been caught viewing a porn site on his computer. Realizing that Christian Grey has entered his office, he states, Mr. Grey, what a pleasant surprise. He rises to shake the boss’ hand. Grey’s eyes spit fire as he glares at Glenwright. Ignoring his outreached hand, Grey tells him to sit down, shut the fuck up and “don’t you say another word, you cocky, arrogant, think your better than my employees, mother fucker.”
In the meantime, Roz approaches Glenwright’s secretary and instructs her to call an emergency meeting immediately of all of the supervisors and have them in Glenwright’s office within 10 minutes. She follows with an “I don’t give a damn if they are sitting on the toilet taking a crap, they better finish and be in here in 10 minutes or I will hand them their balls and ovaries on a platter and fire whoever is not in here”.
I see why Roz is so valued by Grey. She knows what to do, when and how to do it. She could almost be a clone of the boss….or a mind reader. While Grey is still lambasting Glenwright, he reaches for his drawer, pulls it open and reaches for something. Immediately, I reach for my gun and pull it out, pointing it at the bastard’s head. I tell him in a no nonsense tone, “Don’t you even think about it, you son-of-a-bitch. The bastard slams his drawer closed and says that he was only preparing to protect himself because he thought he was going to get jumped on. Grey tells him that he has five minutes to clean out his desk and “get the hell off of my property, you sorry ass son-of-a-bitch. Now you are fired and don’t even think about using my company as a reference. Who do you think you are anyway, going over my head? I own this company, you stupid ass bastard. The contract is one that I authored and my employees go by what I say.
Roz, have the secretary call all of the fired employees and tell them that their jobs have been reinstated with full benefits and a $1000.00 bonus for their inconvenience. I holster my piece and stand over Glenwright as though I’m a Dom. By this time, all of the supervisors have come into what used to be Glenwright’s office. Only hearing part of what Grey has thrown at their previous boss, they stand in a state of shock. They all look like they are about to be fired.
After putting them at ease, he explains to them that they are going to have to be retrained and they will learn the contract forward and backward, inside out and will dream of it every night until they have it memorized. They will then be tested on it randomly and if they miss one question, they can look for another job. “Supervisor’s, I am a busy man and that is why I need the best people possible to insure that this type of thing does not happen. The piece of shit that was your boss, is no more. I will not tolerate anyone who thinks they are better than those who are hired to work in my companies. Your co-workers are returning to work immediately and this incident will not be discussed. You will have a new plant manager by next week. This is just what I meant when I said that Grey can go to ruthless bastard in 0.05 seconds and then right back down again. I’ll say one thing; Grey is not to be fucked with when it comes to protecting his interests.
After having Roz stop all work and calling all of the employees into the cafeteria for a meeting, Grey goes around and introduces himself to all of them, and then in a “meeting type” setting, he asks them if any of them have any questions, comments or complaints about anything. He tells them to feel free to speak up. He promised that he wasn’t going to fire anyone, as long as they did what was required of them. Your supervisor’s will call each department head who in turn will contact all of you and go over your rights as far as the contract goes. No one says anything. To tell you the truth, I think they are all mesmorized by the boss’ looks and are scared shitless to say anything.
The boss tells Roz to make arrangements for our return trip as we will be leaving right after having lunch in the building’s cafeteria. He wants to check out the menus before leaving, just to make sure that the employees are getting nutritious meals. He also wants to make sure that there is plenty of food to take home for their family’s suppers so that after working all day, they won’t have to cook. This way, they will be able to spend more time with their families. The boss takes $20.00 a week out of their paychecks to donate to the local homeless shelters. This is for the food they eat here and take home. It’s a wonder he isn’t bankrupt. It just seems the more that he gives, the more that he gets in return. I guess it is called karma. Whatever it’s called, it sure works for him.
As we get settled in the helicopter for our airlift back to Cleveland Hopkins, the boss calls Ana, I call Gail, and Roz calls Gwen, for the purpose of letting them know that we will be home in 3-4 hours. The boss then turns to both Roz and me and says, “It’s been a good day, troupes. It’s been a good day.

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