Christian’s reunion….of sorts Pt. 1

All of these characters belong to E L James and are borrowed for the purpose of entertainment to those who can’t get enough of the Grey’s, however, the ideas as well as newly introduced individuals are strickly mine and are subjected to copywrite laws.



After our early morning run, I get the same ‘hair standing up on the back of my neck’ feeling that I had experienced for the last 3 days. I am always aware of our surroundings but with this heightened internal alert system going off inside my body, I am even more so. I continue scanning our route, only now, I am suspicious of even the little old ladies walking their dogs. Grey senses something is amiss but chooses to ignore it. I guess he thinks I’m tired of hearing him say that I’m overreacting. Well, he’s right, I am tired of him saying that but since I am his personal protection, ‘think what you will, Grey’. That is the reason why you pay me the big bucks.


As soon as we get back to GEH, I call Welch and arrange for an “invisible escort” to tail us in the morning and explain to him that I’m just getting this eerie feeling that someone is watching us. Welch tells me that he’s “on it” and he will report back to me as soon as he finds anything out and yes, he will keep this “under raps” from the boss.


About an hour later, Welch texts me that everything is in place and that I am to text him to give him our route. He informs me that this is going to be so under cover that I won’t even know that we are being followed. After Welch’s text, I start to relax….somewhat.


As soon as I finish reading Welch’s text, my phone rings the familiar tone that alerts me that it is the “ice queen”. “Yes, Andrea.” “Taylor, I am preparing the statements for the finance department and I notice that there is a lot of activity on Mr. and Mrs. Grey’s credit card and in addition to that, the amounts are staggering. Do you know anything about this?” I tell her that I will be right out. I hang up the phone and it rings immediately. I check to see who it is as the ring is just a normal ring. “Unknown” pops up so I answer it only to discover it is the “bitch troll” as Mrs. Grey calls her. Why the hell is she calling me? “Hello, Taylor, this is Mrs. Lincoln. Please don’t hang up on me. I have been trying to reach Mr. Grey but he is not taking my calls and I really do need to talk to him.”  My reply to her is, “Okay and how does that involve me?” “Well, I was wondering if you could give him your cell so that I could speak with him?” What the hell is wrong with this woman? The boss was right, she’s just like a pit bull that won’t let go. “Mrs. Lincoln, I really resent you calling me to get to Mr. Grey.  Did it ever occur to you that if he wanted to speak to you, that he would have taken your calls? I might be overstepping my bounds, but you need to get on with your life and leave Mr. and Mrs. Grey alone. Just to make it plain, do not Ever. Call. Me. again!!!! How in the hell did you get my number anyway? You have really crossed the line and that will never happen again. Answer me, Elena, how did you get my number? “Elena? Now who is crossing the line? It’s Mrs. Lincoln to you! If you must know, Mr. Grey had you call me long before he met that little gold digger Ana, for the purpose of a change of plans that we had made and I just kept it. It has been years ago, and just for the record, I know that you and Gail, that female servant, have never liked me but you people are beneath me anyway, so it really doesn’t matter what you think of me.” “Good, then we don’t ever have to worry about you calling us again, and I suggest that it would be in your best interest to stay away from the Mrs. Christian Grey if you don’t want her foot in your ass…..again.” I then throw the phone down on the desk before I disconnect so that the noise is extremely loud in her ear. Before I disconnect the call, I hear faintly, “fucking bastard”. My point has been made. I disconnect and head in to see the ice queen.


After I explain to Andrea that all charges are legit, I head back to my office to try to settle down a bit before Grey has me on the run. And it isn’t even noon yet. What a way to start a day. I sure as hell hope it slows down. ‘Right, Taylor, dream on!’



“Good morning, Mr. Grey’s office. This is Andrea. How may I help you?” The voice on the other end is seemingly very polite and asks to speak to Mr. Grey. “May I ask who is calling?” The pleasant voice on the other end of the receiver says, “Oh he wouldn’t know me by name, ma’m. I am someone who he knew from a long time ago.”  “I see, however, sir, Mr. Grey has to be informed as to who you are before he will take any calls. Is this personal or business, sir?” The voice on the other end states that it is very personal and that it is very important that he talks to him, his voice becoming a little more insistent at this point. I tell him apologetically, that it is not possible for him to speak to Mr. Grey without an appointment and I will have to have his name, social security number, and how he knows Mr. Grey. I inform him that I am taking appointments for the first part of next year and as soon as I get the required information, I will give him a call to verify his time to see Mr. Grey. ”Would you like to make an appointment, sir?”

The once pleasant voice, now becomes very loud and almost angry. “I’ll call you back.” And with that, he slams the phone down. I immediately ring for Taylor and inform him of the strange phone call. After the attempt on Mr. Grey’s life, we are all a little jumpy and more protective of the boss. Taylor thanks me and lets me know that security has been increased.



Hair raising on the back of my neck time….AGAIN. I immediately make my way to Welch’s  office and inform him of what has happened and instruct him to call a meeting of the security team together. Welch agrees and immediately sends out an urgent e-mail. The meeting is set for Sunday as that is the soonest that he can get security replacements in place. The Grey mansion, Escala, GEH, Grey Construction and Grey Publishing all need immediate protection. Sawyer and I will handle the personal protection for the boss and his wife. Damn, I hate trying to protect in the blind. I have no idea what is going on or what other sick bastard is trying to do the boss in.


The next morning which is Friday, I am all suited and ready to run 5 or 6 miles with the boss, depending on his mood. Ana wore his ass out last night so he will probably only do 5, if that. How do I know that? Because they were in bed or at least in the bedroom by 7 last night and he sent me a text informing me that I could have the rest of the evening off. That was just perfect because I have wanted to take Gail for a cruise in my new ride. She loves that vehicle.


The boss is in pretty good spirits as he bids me, “Morning Taylor”.  “Sir.”  The boss notices me looking around more than usual this morning and asks, “Something wrong, Taylor?”  “I’m not sure, sir. Probably not.” No sooner than “probably not” has come out of my mouth, I saw the shadow of a rather large male duck behind one of the vacant buildings and I know that someone is tailing us because we take a different route every morning which means that he has been watching us for some time to have figured out where we would be and when. Grey didn’t see the shadow because the male subject waited until we were past him and the only reason that I saw him was because I turned around when I got that tingling feeling on the back of my neck. I ease my hand inside my jacket and unstrap my shoulder holster so as Grey wouldn’t notice. I had full confidence that Welch’s people were on it so we kept running. 


A few minutes later, we hear sirens. I turn around and see flashers just about where I saw the shadow. I inform the boss that I think we should turn around and back track because something has gone down. “Taylor, what on earth are you talking about?” “Mr. Grey, please sir, do as I ask. Your life may be in danger. Something strange took place today and for the last 3 days, I have been having this eerie feeling, so if you will just do as I ask sir, I sure that we will be just fine.

“Dammit, Taylor. Somebody better be trying to blow my fucking brains out or your fucking head is going to roll.” I want to laugh but the situation is just too serious. The boss, however, does as I asked and we jog back to where the flashers are.


Welch’s team has vehicles with sirens as well as flashers and because they are licensed security, they are allowed to have both. As we approach the stopped vehicle and slow down to a walk, I tell Grey about the strange phone call that had come in earlier. He looked at me like I had two heads and growing two more on top of those. “Didn’t want to concern you with it sir, until we did a little more investigating.” “I will say one thing sir, the ice queen is about as tough as nails when it comes to protecting you from anyone that we don’t know. Boy, she’s tough”. “When we get back to Escala, I will expect a full debriefing, Grey spits out.” “Yes, sir”, I say.

We get to the vehicle where Welch’s men have a man in handcuffs and at gun point, questioning him. You can tell that the poor bastard is scared shitless because he has literally pissed his pants. The sun has been up for about 20 minutes and traffic has started rubbernecking to try to see what was going on.


Hope you have enjoyed part one of this saga, Grey fanatics. Didn’t want to leave you hanging but I also didn’t want to spoil the thrill of a shock. Part 2 will be posted Friday. Until then, try to guess what happens next.


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