This is a continuation of J.Harvey Berrick’s books, The Education of Caroline and The Education of Sebestian. I loved them so much that I felt I wanted to take them just a bit further. I borrowed most of the characters from Ms. Harvey Berrick’s novels, however, the idea and the new characters are strickly mine. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. Here I present to you, both Caroline’s and Sebestian’s POV.Caroline
As I am preparing to meet with my publisher, I am thinking how far my husband has progressed on his long road to recovery. He has an easier time mellowing out now. Sometimes, I think he mellows out too much. I push the thought of him accepting the offer of hash from his friends, to the far corners of the back of my mind. I think to myself that he would never do that, seeing how the effects of alcohol and Lord knows what all, affected his parents, especially now that we are expecting our first child.

There is no doubt in my mind that Sebastian is going to be the best father ever. His parents taught him how and my talk of my own mother. The true example, however, (whom he did have the opportunity to bond with when he was just 8 years old), would be my loving father. Of course, I think that he has a natural ability as well.

I just wish that he could find something to do that would satisfy the urge in him to be able to contribute to society. I know that he misses the U.S. Marines. Being a marine gave him a sense of accomplishment as well as utilizing his brilliant brain and constantly keeping it active. Maybe, when I think that the time is right, I will broach the subject.

“See you later, tesoro. After my meeting with my publisher, Nicole, Jenna , Alice and I are going to meet for a quick lunch and then to the mall. Jenna is dying to buy a new wardrobe and begged us to come with her.” “Have fun, baby. You deserve some down time and I can’t think of better people to spend it with than the three witches. Just don’t get too tired. Remember, you are now two.” He winks and blows me a kiss. Damn I love that man. I just wish he could do something other than sit and watch the water.

Whew. I didn’t think my beautiful, sexy, sex addicted wife would ever leave. Little does she know that I have a filled afternoon as well. Not 10 minutes after she leaves, does my first appointment show up. Mr. Anderson of Anderson Driving School is here to do a bit of rehab driving training. He knows that I can drive, but as I explained to him, I am not real comfortable getting under the wheel of a vehicle with my leg being injured to the degree that it was. I need to see how it goes, make the determination whether I will need to have my pedals adjusted, have a special device installed for the steering wheel, or find out if I will even be able to drive at all. I want to be able to drive my wife and child and I want this to be a total surprise to her. Who knows, first the car and then the bike, maybe? We shall see.
After my try-out, I am feeling on top of the world. It is as though I have never missed a beat from behind the wheel. I won’t need any adjustments to the pedal because on these newer automobiles, they are manufactured with the pedals that automatically adjust with the touch of a bbutton. Same with the steering wheel and the steering column as well. I am good to go, Mrs. Hunter. I shake hands with Jeb Anderson and thank him for all of his help. No need to retake a test or to even have my license renewed. I just need to get a Handicapped Parking Tag so that I can park close to where I am going and if things work out, I shouldn’t even need that for long.

I get out of the car and limp up to the house and it might be my imagination, but it seems as though my limp is not as pronounced as it was earlier. Yeah, I’m wishful thinking again. Keep on Hunter. You will get there.

I get home just in time to heat the soup, get the sandwich and macaroni salad out of the fridge that Caro left for me, as well as the big hunk of chocolate cake. Damn, she must think that I can really put the food away, which I do in record time. My wife is amazing.

Just as I am finishing lunch, the doorbell rings. I hurry to the door so that she won’t have to ring the second time, open it and introduce myself to our Realtor who Caro doesn’t know a thing about….yet! “Hi, I’m Sebestian Hunter.” “Hi, Mr. Hunter! I’m Penny Coakley from Yevol Realty.” “Yes, Ms. Coakley. Come on in. As I explained to you, my wife is not here and I know that this is strange, however, I want this to be a complete surprise to her. I motion to the chair in our small living room and ask her to take a seat. I explain to her what it is that I am looking for and she says that it will not be a problem.

We discuss the financing end of what I need and she, again states that it would not be a problem. She informs me that from the information that I provided her over the phone, I am eligible for around $75,000 in VA benefits and with the money that I have saved up, I will only need around $100,000 of the money that Liz left to Caro.

She asks me if I am ready to go property hunting. On the way over, she explains that she accidently ran across the perfect setting for what I want. I listened as she describes it to me.

It sets on over 1 ½ acres of land with a view of the ocean. Sounds perfect. Let’s go see it. As soon as I see it, I make the decision that there is no need to waste Anna Coakley’s time any further. This is it. I tell her to take me to her office so that we can write it up.
I am home just in time to beat Caro. I am so excited that I can barely contain myself. She starts to busy herself in the kitchen and I tell her that we have something too important to wait to discuss. She gets a worried look on her face and I tell her that this is happy news. She immediately relaxes.

I asked her how her shopping spree went and she starts bubbling about what a wonderful time they had and she in turn asked me how mine went. I mirror exactly what she said to me about “a wonderful time” and she just stares at me. “You had a wonderful time watching the water?” “I guess you could say that, Caro.

I then tell her about the property that we bought. She lets loose with ton of questions, “What are you talking about? Where is the property? What are you going to do with it? How much did it cost? Why didn’t you talk to me about it?”

I start laughing and ask her which one of her questions does she want me to answer first? She looks at me and says, “I don’t care, just start talking and it better be good!”

Sorry for the “cliffhanger” but I think you will like the ending.

Be sure to come back for more of Sebestian and Caroline as well as Christian and Ana in just a couple of days.

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