Christian’s reunion of sorts Part 2

 All of these characters belong to ELJames. I have borrowed them for the purpose of carrying on the saga of Christian and Ana and the rest of the clan who we have fallen so in love with,however, the ideas and the introduction of the new individuals are strictly mine and are subjected to copywrite laws. Enjoy!


 As we get closer to the action, I begin to get a funny feeling on the back of my neck. I have been hanging around Taylor far too much. There seems to be an aire of familiarity to this man they have apprehended. Taylor asks the security detail, “Who the hell is this?” Adam, the largest of the 4 “henchmen”, states that he won’t give his name. He just says that it is important that he speaks with Mr. Grey and nobody is going to make him talk, even if they beat the shit out of him, which I think they were about to do.


I walk closer to this person who reeks of urine and I just can’t seem to take my eyes of off him. My brain starts to research frantically. All of a sudden, like a bolt of lightning from the sky, it hits me. It can’t be. Oh yes it is. I look at Adam and with all the calm that I can muster, I instruct him to uncuff him and release him. Taylor just glares at me and utters  “Sir?” I tell him that it is okay, we can take it from here. I thank the 4 man security detail and tell them that they are free to leave. I tell them that I know this person and Taylor and I “have this”. I thank them for their excellent work and tell them they can expect a bonus for being so on top of things and acting in such a professional manner.


Taylor asks me if I mind telling him what is going on and his words are just barely audible as I am seriously considering asking Taylor for his piece, knowing that I can’t waste this bastard as badly as I want to. The man looks me directly in my eyes and says quietly, “Mr. Grey, I tried to get in touch with you because it was so important that I speak to you.  25 years ago, I was arrested, charged with 2 felonies and sent to prison for running a prostitution ring and holding prostitutes against their will….just as I did you and your mother. While I was incarcerated, I   found the Lord. I now have cancer for which there is no cure. It is just too far advanced. I want to beg your forgiveness for the pain that I inflicted upon you and your mother, Ella. Even though I am begging for your forgiveness, I really don’t expect it. I’m sure, even after all of this time that the pain is still there. While I was in the joint, believe me, I was made to pay dearly for all of the pain that I caused Ella, you and all of the other women and their children. The inmates treated me as their whore and they had their way with me. Thank God that I only have to live with that nightmare for about 6 more months, unlike you who will have to endure your pain for a lifetime. Mr. Grey, I am sorry. From the bottom of my heart, I am sorry.” I did some investigating and found out that Ella was buried here in Seattle. I just felt that even though she couldn’t hear me, I just had to try to make my peace with her although it was really me trying to make amends within me so that I could die in peace. When I saw the huge angel protecting her and she with her arms around you doing the same, I just knew that I had to find you and at least make the attempt to apologize.


I listened to this sorry bastard and when he finally shut up, I just looked at him and asked more in a statement than a question, “Oh, I’m Mr. Grey now, huh? Not the “little fuckin’ bastard” which was your favorite name for me? Why? Why did you take my mother from me? Why did you torture me? I was just a little kid. What on earth did I ever do to you? You tried to starve me to death and wouldn’t so much as leave us a crust of bread.” I lifted up my sweatshirt, exposing all of the burn scares from so many years ago. “Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t reduce your 6 month life on this earth to within the next 2 minutes. Do you see what I have to live with for the rest of my life? Look at me, you pathetic bastard. You were the cause of every sleepless night that ended up being damn near every night until just recently.”


 His eyes leave my scars and again, looks at me as the tears start running down his face. His sobs came and I can hear Taylor state emphatically, “I knew it, you sadistic son of a bitch. If Mr. Grey won’t kill your ass, take another breath so I will have reason to.” “Taylor”, I say. “Don’t! He is not worth it.” I look at the pimp and tell him what a pathetic creature he is. “May God have mercy on your soul that is bound to storm the gates of hell.” By this time, I feel the hot, scalding tears make tracks down my face as all of the mistreatment of all of the 4 years of my little life come at me like hell’s hounds out of Hades. Taylor grabs a hold of me as I sink to the ground and the sobs rack my body uncontrollably. There, in the middle of the sidewalk, in one of Seattle’s back streets, are three grown men, two sobbing and Taylor, not even trying to hold back his tears. Taylor is the first one to compose himself and he just holds me until my sobs cease. I hear what sounds like someone praying quietly. I look up and it is the pimp, on his knees, hands clasped together in prayer and looking up to the heaven. The sick bastard is praying. “Let’s go Taylor”. Taylor braces me as I get up and we start to walk away.


The pimp says through his hoarse, cracked voice, “Please, Mr. Grey, wait. I was taught a skill in the joint that they paid me for.” He hands me an envelope and says that he wants to donate what he has saved for the last 25 years to Dr. Grey’s abused children charity, Coping something and I can’t think of the rest of it but you know.”


All I can do is stare at him. Taylor reaches and takes the envelope because I can’t, I just can’t. Taylor asks the pimp where he is staying.  “I will see to it that Dr. Grey gets this and I am sure she will want to send you a thank you”. The pimp says “It is not necessary. My thanks is that she gave Christian all of the love that I couldn’t. I stayed in a drunken and drug induced stupor all of the time and didn’t realize that I was even in this world. That is why I did so many of the horrific things that I did. It’s only $5 thousand dollars but you don’t get paid much in the Michigan St. prison system. Just let her know that it is coming from my heart for the work that she is doing. Hopefully, it will keep another child from going through the torment that I put little Christian through. Christian, if you can ever find it in your heart, please forgive me”, and with that he turns and walks away with his hands stuffed in his pockets and his head down.  


I watch him as he walks away, totally dejected. It is then that I realize that I must forgive him so that I can finally put this last demon to rest and start to heal myself. Yes, I forgive him. I call out to him, “Mr. Daa”, I start to say. “Hey, hold up. What is your name anyway? I never knew you by anything but ‘Mr. Daddy, sir.” The pimp turns around and tells me that his name is Simon Schmidt. “Well go, die in peace, Simon. I forgive you! And thank you for the donation to ‘Coping Together’. I accept this on behalf of my family.”

 The chains are broken and I am finally set free. The last demon from my past is truly put to rest. The pimp mumbles through fresh tears, “Thank you, Mr. Grey, sir. Thank you.”


As I walk away, I feel as though the weight of the world has been lifted off of my shoulders. I turn to Taylor and say, “Wanna race?” and we take off like scalded dogs. I feel like jumping, shouting and taking Ana to bed all at the same time. I also have this tremendous urge to see my mom, dad, brother and sister. I call Andrea and tell her to call the aforementioned family members and tell them that we are having dinner at our place tonight and I will not take no for an answer. I will call Kate and Ethan later. I then tell Andrea that she should go back to sleep and since I woke her so early, she can come in 2 hours later.


As we enter the foyer, I start bellowing for Mrs. Jones. She comes hustling out of the kitchen, thinking something is wrong. “Mr. Grey, what is wrong?” She glances over at Taylor who has his face twisted to keep from laughing out loud. “Will someone please tell me what is wrong?” Ana hears all of the commotion and asks in a not to calm voice, “What is going on out here? Is everything okay?” I grab my wife and swing her around and tell her that everything is just fine and that we are having the family over for dinner tonight.” I turn to Mrs. Jones and ask her if she can cook a big feast by 6 p.m. “My family is coming over and I want all of the stops pulled out. I want the good china and crystal and the silverware with everything set all proper. If you need help, pull someone or two from the church staff who wants to make some extra money. Pay is double. And I would like a crown rib roast.” She looks at me like I have totally lost my mind and then she turns to Ana and gives her a questioning look and all poor Ana can do is shrug her shoulders as if to say in answer to a not asked question, “Hell if I know”.


As our guests are preparing to leave, I say to my family, “Something really strange happened today and it made me realize how much that I love you all so very much. Mom, Dad. I can’t begin to thank you for what you have done for not only me, but for my brother and sister as well. “Taylor, I believe you have something for my dear mother?” Taylor hands mom the envelope that the pimp gave to him. I explain to them what had happened early this morning and as usual, mom starts her happy cry and poor dad is put in the position of comforting her once again, only this time, I get to her before he does and I wrap my arms around her and just hold her while she gets her crying out. Gail comes in and stands by Taylor and she, too, is crying as is Ana and Mia. Dad gathers Ana and Mia and gives them each his one arm bear hug.


After everyone has settled down, we say our good-byes. Taylor heads to his office to make sure everyone gets to their vehicles safely. I tell Ana that I will be right back and I go into Taylor’s office. I call his name and he turns around with a “Sir?”. Thanks Taylor, for just being there for me as you always are. I truly appreciate you! “He responds with a “Just doing my job, sir. Good night”. Did he just dismiss me? I believe he did, the bastard. I should serve him his balls on a silver platter, just to remind him that I am the one who does the dismissing around here. I have to laugh as I make my way back to Ana and lead her into our bedroom.


We chat for a minute or two before we climb into bed. She tells me a joke that she heard at work today and after we both enjoy a good laugh, I say to her, “It’s been a good day, Anastasia.  It’s been a good day. We cuddle with each other and then we say good night the only way we know how.



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