I see that Caro is really serious. “Caro baby, do you mind if I sit down first?” When we had come out of the kitchen, her glare had me “nailed” to the floor and I really didn’t know what to expect so I just stood.


“Sit down, Sebastian and cut the crap, damn it. Start talking!” I love it when she talks to me like that. “Caro, to answer your last question, the reason why I didn’t say anything was that I wanted it to be a complete surprise to you.  I finally know what it is that I want to be when I grow up.


After everything that I have been through, seeing myself progress because of your help and faith in me, I decided that I want to help people just like me and even worse. Caro, I want to become a physical trainer and open my own training facility.” I wait for her to say something but she continues to look at me with an expression on her face that I have never seen before. Is it approval? Is it doubt? Say something, Caro. Finally she blinks and tears start to roll down her beautiful face. She says, “Oh, Sebastian, I think that is a wonderful idea. We can take the money that Liz left  us because it is our money, and start your or should I say, our business”


 “It doesn’t end there, baby. That is just Phase I. There will be 3 or 4 more phases. The building will house  several office/medical complexes which will include a motivational speaker platform with seating for possibly 250 people, a mental health counseling complex, a physical therapy area for those individuals who cannot exercise on their own but who can benefit from a trained therapist’s assistance, a children’s care center with trained personnel and an indoor pool with separate whirlpool equipment and last but not least, a spiritual center with a full time spiritual counselor on hand 24/7. As a matter of fact, eventually, the entire facility will be open 24/7. Individuals don’t pick the time to need help. My plan is to bring in motivational speakers once a month like I heard from that one lady who truly inspired me. Just because someone tells you that you can’t do something, I want them to know that they can at least make the effort if they just try. Are you ready for the name of our complex, Caro?”   “Hunter’s Way.”  Caro throws herself on me and sobs uncontrollably. She cries so hard until I find myself realizing what we can accomplish and I start to sob as well. We hold each other until we are settled down and just enjoy the aftermath in each other’s arms.


“I have another surprise for you, Caro. I can drive.” “WHAT?”, she screams. “How do you know? How long have you been withholding this from me? I told her that I just found out this afternoon. I had called Mr. Anderson from Anderson’s Driving School and he took me out. I let her know that I had done quite a good job.


As I am talking to her about this latest feat, the telephone rings. I answer it because Caro is still trying to reel in what I have just told her. “Hello, Hunter residence.” “Oh, hello, Ms. Coakley. She says that she has wonderful news for me and asks me is this a good time to discuss this. I tell her yes it is and said that if she would like to come over and meet Mrs. Hunter, now would be a perfect time. She agrees and says she will stop over on her way home in just a few minutes.

I explain to Caro and immediately she jumps up, runs to the kitchen and starts preparing a late afternoon snack for our approaching guest. This woman, my wife, my Caro, is beyond amazing.


Ms. Coakley says that the property owner accepted my offer and that he wanted her to present me with an offer. It seems as though he is moving out of the state and he needs to liquidate all of his properties. He had purchased it with the intention of erecting a private golf course but decided that he wanted to leave the area. He told her to offer me the remainder of the property which included approximately, ten more acres at half of what he wanted for them and if I couldn’t come up with the cash or financing, he would sell it to me on land contract with whatever I could put down and a balloon payment due in 10 years.


Caro didn’t give me a chance to even think about it. She jumped up and asked Ms. Coakley, “Where do we sign?” There is no way that we are going to turn down this offer with what we have in mind.”   


“Do you mind if I ask what you are going to name your facility, Mr. Hunter?” Again, Caro doesn’t give me the opportunity to answer as she proudly states the full name. “Hunter’s Way Health and Wellness Center, Inc. and our mission statement is simply ‘We are here to help you improve body and mind and soul. This is Hunter’s Way.”


“Oh, Mrs. Hunter. How perfect is that? I love the idea and I will be your first member so mark it down that no one is to join first but me. Deal?” We agree and all of us enjoy a good laugh.


Caro is so excited that she insists on contacting an architect immediately. We contact one who has an excellent reputation in the Long Beach area, and make an appointment for next week. I smile at my Caro and say to her, “I’ll drive, baby.”



Our complex has taken off like a jet and we have even paid off our mortgages early. We have been able to complete all of our phases due to the fact that all of the major insurances companies have put us on their list of approved health and wellness facilities and doctors refer their patients to our facility on a regular basis. Several doctors have told us that this is something that has been needed for some time. One said that “we try to heal them as best we can; however, we need them to make the effort to try and heal themselves. Your programs teach them how to make the attempt to do just that.”


Anyone is welcome to use our facility, whether they can afford a membership or not. We have free memberships for those who can’t pay. We have also added a restaurant to our facility so that homeless people can get meals with no charge and individuals who can afford to pay, pay only what they want to donate. It has really worked out well as we get several sizable donations from churches around the area on a regular basis.


We contacted the powers that be to get permission to name the road that we have constructed leading back to our facility, Hunter’s Way Drive. Permission was granted with no problem. Our   mailing address is now 7777 Hunter’s Way Drive. (7 in the bible means “completion and rest.”).


We had several cities contact us to build our facility in their cities, even some out of state which we are starting to work on now. We already have completed ten in our state alone and are now venturing out to other states.


We built our 8,000 sq. ft. dream home on the ocean where we can walk out to our beach area and ride the waves as much as we want, weather permitting. We are even teaching our two sons how to “ride the waves.” Caro has to take it easy for awhile due to the fact that the doctor has put her on restricted activities until she gives birth to our triplets. The three witches plus one, Nicole, Jenna, Alice and the plus one who is Ches’s wife, have really proven to be true besties.


 She told me that she has two years to have any more babies because at age 50, she is done. We would like to have at least 7 so that means after these 3 are born, we will need to get busy right away. The doctor said that she is as healthy as a horse and we could have as many as we can afford. I don’t think that will be a problem as we are on our way to amassing a quarter of a billion dollar fortune.


Caro has opened her own publishing company which is very successful. She wanted to use our   name so she named it Hunter’s Publishing House, Inc. It is on the same property that our health and wellness center is. She has been able to boast the fact that she has 5 bestselling writers. She is still the amazing wife that she has always been and now I can say what an amazing mother she is.

I still have my limp although very slight. I had taken my own advice and was able to stretch my muscles to their maximum which enabled me to walk 90% better. The guitar lessons that I took have proven to be beneficial in more ways than one. Learning to play has improved the mobility in my arm and hand and I am able to play well enough that I serenade our dinner guests. I have even had an offer to go on tour with a band. Leave Caro and these babies? Yea, right! I really like having my family jewels intact and I am really not in love with the song, “Twist and Shout”.


After making sure that all staff  is set for the balance of the afternoon, evening and the night shift, I pick up the boys from the Hunter’s Way Child Care Facility and head for home. I am so glad that I don’t need that hashish shit anymore. I stay so busy that there is really no need for it. I think back to when I started my own therapy for those horrible nightmares that I used to have. I was so impressed with my therapist and how he helped me not to have them anymore, I brought him on board as my head therapist who teaches some of my other staff in his method.


“Hi honey, hi Sebastian, hi Chester. Did all three of my loves have a good day today?” We all said in unison, “Yes, mommy.” We laughed and were all shooed to get washed up for dinner. After dinner, the boys rid the table and carried the dishes into the kitchen for our live-in housekeeper to load up and finish with the cleaning chores. Even though we had help in the housekeeping department, we still wanted to teach the guys that they had to help as well.


After family time, which tonight was sitting around the outdoor fire pit and telling our made up stories, it was time for them to go to bed. We tucked them in, kissed them good night and retired to our room. Caro seemed to be a bit more tired than usual. I asked her if she was feeling okay. She didn’t answer but gave me a familiar look. Oh my, Caro, is it time? As though on cue, she let out a moan and grabbed herself as if she was supporting her belly and said in an almost yell, “It’s time.  Get me the hell to the hospital. NOW.”


I jumped up, yelled at Mrs, Walker on our way out, that we were headed to the hospital and to please call the hospital and let them know to be expecting us and to give the nannies a call in the morning and have them be prepared to move in with us. Arrangements had already been made for this day so it was just a matter of letting them know that it was time.

By the time we get to the hospital, Caro is yelling that “The babies are coming….hurry, please, Oooooh, hurry, they are coming.” She had to be in labor for longer than she thought. The attendant met us at the ER door, got her on a stretcher and was out of there before I had time to kiss her. They wheeled her into the closest treatment room where the ER doctor was all gloved up, ready to give her a pelvic exam. He took one look and yelled, “Get her to the delivery room, STAT! She’s crowning. Let’s move it people. Call Dr. Judson and tell him that we are not going to have time to wait for him but he should get here ASAP”.


I’m thinking, how in the world is this happening so fast? The two boys took their good ole time but these three mean business. They want out and want out now. I’m walking, half running as fast as I can to keep up with the stretcher but they try to let the elevator doors close on me. I scream, “Like hell. We are in this together.” The ER doctor said “let him in, I am not about to fight with this man. He has that look. Mrs. Hunter, I hope you don’t mind.” All poor Caro could do was moan and groan. “Okay, Caro. No more I spit out. This is it.” Caro gives me a look like a wild bear protecting her cubs and yells at me, “My decision! I’m the one going through this and if I want more babies, then damn it, I will have them. Got it?”


“Oh, Caro. I just don’t want you to go through this pain again. That’s all I meant.” I know what you meant, Sebastian but we are going to have two more. That’s it…OHOOOO, one of them is coming. The doctor took his “baby delivering stance” and said it’s here. He grabs the baby by its head while the nurses grab a blanket from under the stretcher to wrap the baby in until they can get her to the delivery room. The doctor says, one down, two to go. Hold on Mrs. Hunter, you are doing fine. It’s a girl. Dad, you doing okay?”  “I’m an ex-marine who served in Afghanistan. Do I really have to answer that question?” The doctor chuckles. “Just asking, the ER doctor says.  I don’t have time to treat a fainting father.” I had to laugh at that. The elevator stops and they rush her out. The doctor asks me if I am going in the delivery room with her. I tell him yes.   Dr. Judson is almost running as he enters the delivery room.  The first thing that they do is to cut the cord and start the process of taking care of our newest child. I look at our daughter and tell Caro that she is just beautiful. Sweat is running down Caro’s face like someone poured a bucket of water on her. She has quieted down some and looks up at me. Damn, I love this woman. “Good job, baby”, I tell her. Dr. Judson is all scrubbed and tells the ER doctor, “Thanks, John. I’ll take it from here. How is she doing?” The ER doctor tells him that she is a warrior and doing great.



Dr Judson asks her if she wants an epidural. She tells him “No, thank you. I can do this. If I got through the birth our daughter naturally, I should be able to squeeze out the other two.” He looks at me, smiles and says, you have a strong woman here.” I beam with pride and tell him, “I know.” 


 “Doctor, here comes another one, the nurse bellows.”  “Okay, get ready troups. Here it is. Mr. Hunter, you have another girl.” Oh, wow, I think. I’m wondering if we are going to have all girls. I really don’t give a flyin’ leap. Just so they are healthy. Just as I am assessing the situation, the doctor says to me, “Okay, Mr. ex-marine, incoming. Here he is. A boy this time.” Caro, says, “Thank God. Are you sure he is the last one?” Everyone started laughing. “Caro, my love, we have 3 boys and 2 girls and they are all just beautiful.”


They take the babies, clean them up, weigh them and hand all of them to their mother, the two girls in one arm and the little boy in the other arm. All of a sudden, I feel warm tears streaming down my face. I am happier than I have been in my entire life. I have a big family who I love so much and who will all love me. What did I do to deserve this? And think, we are going to have 2 more. We have already named the babies. Elizabeth, Mildred, Shirley and Mitchell.  


The doctor brings me back from wherever I was and tells me that all of the babies are healthy and weigh enough to be able to go home when my wife is discharged. I look at Caro and ask her how she feels but she is out like a light. I gently take the babies, one at a time, give them three kisses each on their forehead, and hand them to the nurse. I ask them where they are taking my wife after I kiss her 3 times. After they give me the room number, I go to the waiting room to start making the calls.


When my wife wakes up at 8:30 in the morning, she has all three babies in the room with her and I have had Mrs. Walker bring the boys up to see their mother and their siblings. Caro takes one look around, motions the boys to come closer to her bedside, gives them a hug, kisses them and tells them that they are going to have to help take care of the babies because we are going to have at least two more and everybody is going to have to learn how to help. I think as I see my family, this is the true meaning of what love is all about.


I look at my Caro, smile and say, “Whatever you say, Mrs. Hunter. Whatever you say.”

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