Christian’s Surprise

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I’m sitting at my desk at work, deep in thought when all of a sudden I hear all of this commotion outside of my door, followed by cheering, whopping and clapping and then suddenly, my door opens without a knock and in storms Ros, Andrea, Welch and three or four others from my land development contingent, giving poor Taylor a near coronary.

Ros is jumping up and down and yelling at the top of her lungs, “they did it, they actually did it.”, she screams with tears running down her face. Taylor looks at me and I look at him, both of us looking like, “They did what? And who did it? Ros, will you please calm yourself down and tell me who in the hell did what? You about gave both Taylor and me a damn heart attack. Talk, woman!”

“Give me a second, Christian”, she says between sobs. I ask Taylor to get her a glass of water which he does. She waves it away and then starts to talk in a very excited and very fast monologue, so much so that I can barely understand what she is saying. Ros, who is always the epitome of cool, calm and laid back, has had a complete meltdown.

Finally, what I got out of her before she broke down in uncontrollable sobs again, was that the government had approved the sale of any of their excess land that I wanted to purchase to build a facility for the housing of homeless families. It would also house single individuals including veterans. In addition, it will be a training facility as well as a provider of medical needs.

They need me in Washington DC as soon as I can arrange it. I am speechless. I mean absolutely speechless. I tell Andrea to call the DC office to see if we could come tomorrow and if so, make arraignments for GEH’s jet to be ready at 7 in the morning. We are going to Washington DC. We will be returning late tomorrow night and she should re-schedule all appointments. She turns and proceeds to do what I have asked. “Ros, are you going to be in a position to go with me or am I going to have to drag Taylor kicking and screaming?” “Are you kidding me?” Ros asks in a shocked tone. “Do you really think that I would let you leave me here?” Who the hell do I think I’m kidding as I smile to myself

“Sir”, Taylor says. ” I will make arraignments for a vehicle to be ready for US when WE land. Sir!” I look at Taylor and he is almost glaring at me. “Taylor, you really don’t have to go. You can have this time for you and Gail to finish making plans for your wedding.” Taylor looks at me impassively and says in his ‘I have spoken voice’. “Mr. Grey, Sir. Gail, your wife, your mother and Ms. Mia, have completely taken this out of my hands. I will be traveling with you, sir. Please excuse me while I make the vehicle arrangements. Sir” I look at Welch and it is all he can do to keep from laughing out loud. I am really going to have to talk to Taylor to remind him that I am his employer and his boss, not the other way around. Welch and I can’t contain ourselves any longer and as soon as Taylor closes the door, we both break out in laughter. “I look at Welch and say in a resigned tone, “Well, I guess he told me!” Welch breaks out in another fit of laughter as he exits from my office. I call Ana and tell her what has transpired and she is so happy that I can hear her catch her breath in a sob. “Please let Gail know. Thanks, baby. I love you. We will be leaving early tomorrow morning and we will be back later on tomorrow night. Don’t go anywhere without Sawyer”. “Don’t worry, Christian. I’m not going anywhere but straight home from work. I love you, too.” Yea right, I think. Where have I heard that song and dance before? “Okay, I will see you later at supper.

When we get to Washington DC, we have our meeting with the Dept of Land Development and are informed as to how this process is going to work. “Due to the amount of funds that your company is willing to invest”, Mr. Hawthorn says, the government is willing to sell you this property for a $1.00 an acre, just so that it won’t go to waste AND for the reason that you are buying it. “By the way, Mr. Grey, I love the name of this project. Coping Together. It sure fits the bill doesn’t it?” I tell him that “this is the brain child of my mother and father. One more thing, Mr. Hawthorn, my name is not to be mentioned to the press in any of this. “I don’t know if I can do that, Mr. Grey. There are certain rules that we must follow when something like this happens. I can promise you this, though…we will not let the press know directly but it will be a matter of public record. We shake hands and Taylor, Ros and I head out. I am so happy that I feel that I am going to be able to fly home without the aid of the jet. When we get back into our rented vehicle to head to the airport, Ros lets out a war hoop that scares the living bejeebers out of Taylor so bad that he almost loses control and runs up on a curb. “Ros”, Taylor and I yell at the same time. Taylor continues in a shaky voice, “You almost got us fuckin’ killed. Don’t do that shit again.” Ros has started her uncontrollable sobs all over. I know how she feels because I, too, want to sob. No more homeless and starving souls in America…next, the world. It is going to happen. It really is.

Taylor, Ros and I fly home in silence with the exception of an occasional sob from Ros. What a staff I have been blessed to have. Here is Ros, my employee who is as elated about this discovery as I am. What on earth have I done to deserve this type of loyalty?

About a month after our trip to DC

Ana and I decided last night that we would sleep in since we’ve had such an active night…a fun filled night, I might add. Around 2:30 a.m., my darling wife decided that she wanted to hear me play a “concert” for her on my Steinway. I can’t even begin to think about what might be going through that beautiful head of hers. I made a commitment that I would do anything to keep this lovely creature of mine happy. She has been really requesting some weird things since she has been with child but even though I had been asleep for only about 3 hours, I drag myself out of bed, waited until she came out of the bathroom, and that is another thing. Poor thing, she can’t even get through the night without having to relieve herself. She has even cut down on her liquids in the evening. (Advice from Mrs. Jones, soon, very soon to be Mrs. Taylor).

As she wobbles out into the bedroom, rubbing her eyes, she asks me if I am ready. What I am ready to do is to go back to bed. “Yes baby,” I say as I reach for her hand. As we are walking into the great room, I ask her, “Is there anything in particular that Mrs. Grey, full of my child, would like to hear?” “Not really”, she yawns out. “I just want to hear you play while I watch you. Christian, you are such a beautiful sight when you play. It is like you go into another world and the sight of you is just mesmerizing. I could watch you all night.” “Anything for the mother of my child,” I say as I sit her on couch and put her feet up, making sure that she is comfortable. As I sit at the piano, I start playing “The Lost Chord” followed by Beethoven’s Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68 (Pastorale). As I begin to play this magnificent piece, I am soon caught up in it and I feel as though I am accompanying the Vienna State Opera Orchestra. I feel my body swaying to the melodious sounds that my beautiful instrument is spittng out. After about 30 minutes of continuous playing, I finish with a flourish and immediately start playing Handel’s Hallelujah Chorus. When I finish, all I could do was to drop my head to regroup. When I turned and looked at Ana, she was out like a light. Oh, well….so much with her being “mesmerized by this beautiful sight”. Well at least I enjoyed myself and now I am really ready to go to sleep. I smile and kiss my angel on her head as I lift her up gently and take her back to our bed. She opens her eyes, smiles at me and says, “Thanks, Christian. That was wonderful.” I thought to myself, “Oh really? What part did you like?” I just kissed her again, smiled and said, you’re welcome, baby. I’m glad that you enjoyed it. Go back to sleep.” I crawl in with her and hold her to my chest, close to my heart and think how blest I have been.

We are startled awake by a knock on the door. Not so quietly, I yell, “Taylor, is that you?” “Yes sir, it is. I’m sorry to bother you but you have a call on the “red line” (which is only used for emergencies). “It better be telling me that the damn building is on fire. What the hell time is it anyway?” “It is 9:30, sir” “Tell whoever the hell it is, that I will call them back.” “Sir, Welch is waiting to patch the call through to you now, sir.” “I don’t give a damn if it’s the President of the United States, tell whoever it is that I will call them back!” “It is, sir.” “It is what, Taylor?, I yell. “The President of the United States, sir.” At this declaration, Ana bolts straight up with her eyes glued on me with her mouth open. “WHAT?”, I ask. Taylor repeats himself and I bolt out of bed and make a beeline to open the door. “Did I hear you say “the President of the United States?” “Yes, sir” as he hands me the portable red phone from my wall. (We placed it on the wall in the event that an emergency arose, I would have to get out of bed and be fully awake when I answer.

“Welsh is waiting to patch him through.” “What the hell”, I say as I reach for the phone. “Welch, patch him through.” As soon as I hear the click indicating that the call is connected. I say “Good morning, Mr. President. Christian Grey here, sir. What a pleasant surprise. “To what do I owe this honor, sir?” “Good morning, Mr. Grey. Thank you for taking my call. I hope that I didn’t disturb you but I thought you would want to hear about this immediately.” “No sir, you did not disturb me. (Ana claps her hand over her mouth so as not to laugh as Taylor makes a beeline out of our room to keep from snickering). I’m listening, sir.”

“I just received notification that you are being awarded the Pulitzer Prize for your humanitarian efforts in financing the largest facility in the U.S. to house and train the homeless, ever made in the United States. I don’t need to tell you how very proud we are of you. You bring honor to your country, Mr. Grey.” “Thank you, Mr. President. I am truly honored. There is just one problem, though. I have made it a rule that benevolences that I perform MUST be kept confidential.” The President laughs and says, “Well, Mr. Grey. Good luck with keeping this quiet. You are going to be known all over the world, if you aren’t already. You will be sent the details from my security office with a copy sent to your head of security…a Mr. Welch, I believe. Will it be okay to send the instructions to your office or would you prefer it to be mailed to your home?” My office will be fine, Mr. President and thank you again.” “We are the ones who are thanking you, Mr. Grey. You have made it possible to provide for hundreds of starving, homeless people. For that, your country will always be grateful and if you don’t mind, I would like to escort you and whomever you would like to take, on Air Force 1 to the luncheon in May on the campus of Columbia University in New York. You will not have to worry about security. We will have plenty of the secret service with us.” We will make arraignments to pick you up at Sea-tac in Seattle .

Thank you, Mr. President. I humbly accept your invitation. I will be honored.” “Great, here is my personal number. Please call me so that we can make arraignments as the time gets closer. You have a great day, Mr. Grey and again, congratulations.” “Thank you, Mr. President. Good day, sir.”

I explain to Ana what is going on and on que, she starts crying. I yell for Taylor and get my parents on the phone and explain everything to them. Mom starts crying, as usual and dad chokes back a sob. I ask them to tell my brother and sister the news. I then tell Taylor that we won’t be going to work for another hour. “Sir, I will tell Gail.” “Thanks, Taylor.”

Ana asks me to come back to bed for a few minutes as she wants to give me a proper “congratulations.” Oh boy…looks like I’m in for a dish of vanilla for breakfast. I have really come to love plain old vanilla.